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If you are looking for a Roku player, you are also wondering which one is right for you? The Roku streaming devices are very powerful and have the capability of bringing a wide range of content including Netflix, Sling, Playstation etc. to your TV. You can get everything about entertainment on the Roku. Just refer to www.roku.com/link for more.

Currently, there are six different streaming Roku players available in the market that are compatible with multiple Roku TVs and also come with different sets of features. The fact remains that you don’t want to get the wrong one but at the same time, you also don’t want to pay too much for a device that you do not wish to buy.

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To break your dilemma down, if you have an older TV, it will not have an HDMI port. In such a case, you will choose the Roku Express+. This works with an HDMI but also has a port on the back that will allow you to plug in the RCA cable to stream from older TVs. To setup, you just have to obtain the roku link code from TV.

And then, if your TV is HD then it is highly recommended that you get the black color Rokustreaming stick. This comes with a quad core processor that lines up very closely to the output that you expect from your HD TV. You will be pleasantly surprised with the performance of the streaming stick compared to other boxes out there.

If you own a 4K TV or plan to upgrade to a 4K TV, then it is advisable to choose the Roku Premiere Plus. It comes with an additional HDR support and a port for an Ethernet cable. The device also has a ‘point-anywhere’ remote with private listening built into it.

  • At www.roku.com/link you will find all information for the setup and installation of your player.

For the best and most powerful streaming player in the market right now, choose the Roku Ultra. It is a slight upgrade from the Roku Premiere Plus and comes with Dolby Surround sound capabilities besides being equipped with a remote finder. The enhanced remote has a headphone jack that allows you to listen to your programs privately.

  • To setup your player, you just have to obtain the activation code from the TV and enter it on www.roku.com/link and create an account.
  • Visit www.roku.com/link for all details about the Roku.

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