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Amazon Music Unlimited

Music is the best remedy for all mood sets, and having a prime music channel on your Roku can be an absolute solution to your spare-time. Amazon Music one of the best premium music channels on Roku. You might like the Amazon Music channel having the entire collection of Amazon Prime Music and Amazon Music Unlimited in a single package.

Subscribing/Activating Amazon Music channel on Roku:

  • The Amazon Music channel is available under Music category on Channel Store. The screen will redirect to sync your Amazon account when you give ‘Add channel’ option on the description,
  • Pitch the code on your TV screen to www.amazon.com/roku music from a desktop with your Amazon credentials
  • Give in your Amazon music activation code and proceed on the steps to subscribe the Amazon Music channel.

Within a few moments, your Amazon Music app will download automatically on the latest version with your favorite tracks and personalized playlists.

Subscription fees of the Amazon Music channel:

Procure the Amazon Music app at free of cost on Roku. Yet, there is a catch as you cannot play tracks unless you’re a Prime member or the subscription is via Amazon Music unlimited.

You can get hold of Amazon Music channel under Amazon Prime membership at $99 that includes a one-month free trial. Similarly, the Amazon Music unlimited package is available at $7.99 and the package cost differs to $9.99 for users who do not have a Prime Memberships. Additionally, the Amazon Music Unlimited has a family category, where one plan can get you the Amazon Music packages on six devices at $14.99.

Amazon Prime Music

The recently launched Amazon Prime includes songs and album tracks of top-tier performers. The playlist available on Amazon Prime music is ad-free and you can download your favorite songs to your personalized playlist. Brimming up with new benefits, the Amazon music channel has got a new-fledged update on all platforms. Amazon music’s new app will automatically update on your Roku substituting the old app.

Earlier, Amazon Prime members did not have access to Amazon Prime music and Amazon music unlimited. Later, Amazon gave a new update stating that a single channel will cover both services, by giving your favorite tracks. The tracks which you would have downloaded to Amazon Music storage would also reflect on the new app.

Through Prime Music, you have 2 million songs and on Amazon Music unlimited, you have 10 million songs from all corners to play. However, only the numbers are a difference between Prime Music and Amazon Music unlimited packages.

Amazon Music Roku App:

With the increasing tracks and the added benefit of Amazon Prime membership, the Amazon Music Roku app has more than 2 million songs. Right from the classics to the recent releases, the Amazon Music app has all the on-demand songs.

Speaking about Amazon Music Unlimited, the service can be added exclusive of the prime membership. However, since there is no free stuff on this app you would need a subscription to play any track on the app.

Benefits of Amazon Music Roku App:

  • Brings forward the track lyrics when you play a particular song
  • Based on your search history, downloaded songs on playlists and radio station, the Amazon music app gives personalized preferences.
  • The genres of Amazon Music app has top playlists, songs, and stations from all languages including the viral song collection
  • Moreover, you can get access to new releases and playlists
  • Play your tracks that’s downloaded even when you are in offline mode
  • Seasonal playlists, Mood setting playlists, workout playlists and many more categories to play
  • Get specific tracks by the searching panel on the Amazon Music App
  • Browse your recent searched tracks and playlists under ‘Recents’ Sub listing
  • Get the entire catalogue and song collection from ‘My Music’ Category from the pinnacle of Amazon Music App.

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