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My Roku Screen Purple

Get assistance from our experts to resolve  Roku screen purple Error 

You will receive a purple screen on your TV while you stream your Roku Device and the Error is common when HDCP content gets disabled or unauthorized

Know more About HDCP:

  • HDCP is the technology used to Protect and secure the Contents while you Stream  your Roku TV or Roku Device
  • HDCP tool  will be visible If your TV or Audio/Video Receiver supports the HDCP, the Content Protection Technology
  • Install HDCP on your TV and you can  Prevent Unauthorized Usage of Audio as well as Video Content using the Cable  Link
  • A purple Screen Appears  If your TV does not support HDCP

Here are some of the Quick and Easy steps to Resolve Roku Screen Purple Error

Steps to Over Come Roku Screen Purple Error

  • To begin with, Press the  Home Button
  • Also, Reset your Device
  • A Quick Reset can  Resolve the  Purple Screen Error to a greater Extent
  • Perform the Reset Again If the Device goes into Standby Mode
  • Check and ensure that your Audio or Video Receiver is Proper. Improper Audio or Video Connection can sometimes cause the error
  • Connect the Audio and  Video Cables  Properly
  • In addition, ensure you use a Good Quality HDMI cable. Faulty HDMI cable or HDMI Connector can also cause the Above Error
  • Unplug your HDMI cable, Switch Off your Streaming  Device and  then Turn On again
  • Disconnect the HDMI Cable and then Connect it back again
  • Also, Switch off Your Roku Device and then On it again
  • If the error still Persist, Use a Different HDMI cable.
  • Check your HDMI Cable using a different TV
  • Together with the above steps, Check the Display Feature settings on your Device
  • Purple Screen will be visible, If you Install your Device for the First Time
  • Make sure that your HDMI Cable is Active

Hope that the above steps are useful to Resolve Roku Screen Purple Error

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