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Why Is My Roku Screen Purple?

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If you get a purple screen on your TV while streaming Roku, it usually happens when the HDCP content gets disabled or unauthorized.

About HDCP:

  • The HDCP is the content protector technology, which is installed on TVs.
  • The HDCP tool actually detects if the TV or Audio/Video Receiver supports the proper content protection technology.
  • By having this content protection HDCP installed on TV (, this prevents the copying of both the audio as well as the video content through the cable link.
  • When the HDCP is not supported by your TV, a purple screen at once appears.

Solution to Why is my Roku screen purple?

  • Try pressing the Home button, and opting for a printer reset.
  • A reset fixes the device, and if the device goes into the standby mode, try the option reset again.
  • Sometimes when the TV or the Audio or Video Receiver is not promptly connected to the HDCP, this purple screen with a message HDCP unauthorized content disabled, usually gets displayed
  • Apart from the above reason, few circumstances like a faulty HDMI cable or HDMI connector can also give way to this purple screen.
  • Try unplugging the HDMI cable, and switching off the Roku device.
  • Reconnect the HDMI, and try loading the video. If the issue still persists, follow these suggestions listed below.
  • Insert a different HDMI, as this might prove useful if the used HDMI has defects.
  • Sometimes, the HDMI might not contain any error. Try it with different TV, to find if it causes TV issues.
  • Also, don’t forget to check the display feature settings in the device settings.
  • If you are installing the Roku for the first time, the purple screen is shown after your Roku installation, check if HDCP is supported.

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