• Netflix keeps crashing on Roku TV

What to do when Netflix keeps crashing on Roku TV

Resolve the Errors that occur while you Activate Netflix by following these methods. Stream your Favorites on the Netflix Channel without any errors.

If you come across an Error Multiple times, the issue may be with your Roku streaming Device

Netflix keeps crashing on Roku TV when you launch your app or while you use your Streaming Device


For Roku Users

If you have a Roku Streaming Device, follow the steps below to Resolve Errors while you watch Netflix

To begin with, unplug your Roku Device or Remove all the Power Cables:

  • You can wait for a few seconds
  • Now Plug the Cables back and  turn On your Device
  • Watch Netflix Again

Netflix APP crash

  • To resolve the above error, Uninstall the App, Check the Compatibility Of the App and then Reinstall it Again
  • Also, ensure you download the Latest Version of the App

Restart your Roku Device

You can restart your Roku streaming Device Once and Check If the Issue still persist

Sign Out of your Netflix APP

  • Sign in to your Netflix APP and Sign Out  Once
  • Check and Verify the  Sign In Credentials

Troubleshoot the Error at the Earliest

Netflix keeps crashing on Roku TV and you cannot stream any of your Contents. Hence it is essential to troubleshooting this error as soon as it appears on your Screen

Check your Wireless Network Connection

  • An active and secure internet is essential to watch your Netflix Channel
  • Ensure that you never connect multiple Devices to your Router
  • Restart your Router, In case if you Come across any Network Issues
  • Use a Valid Wireless Network username and the Password

Refresh your Netflix App

  • Also, refresh your Netflix App
  • Netflix keeps crashing on Roku TV if you do not update the Date and time settings
  • If you find it Difficult to set the Date and  Time  On your device, read the guidelines that are available on your Device  Manual

Follow the above steps to overcome the Netflix Crash Errors. In case if you want to know more, get assistance and Support from our network team at https://www.go-roku.com 



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