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How to Watch College Football on Roku

Now, diehard football fans can watch college football on Roku. Even the most dedicated cord cutters wouldn’t give up on their sports entertainment. Roku will allow you to watch live games, replays, reviews and a lot more. Setting up the college football channel on Roku is very simple. Do the following:

You will enjoy the March Madness on your Roku streaming player and Roku TVs

  •  Just like your smartphone accessing “app stores” to add a new channel you can access the Roku channel store to add your favourite college sports channel to your Roku device.
  • Click on the home button using your Roku remote.
  • Click on streaming channels to look for your favourite channel.
  • You can also search by typing the name of the channel.
  • Or from the sports tab of your Roku device from the Roku channel store you can choose the college sports
  • If you want to know the details about the particular channel. Select the channel and click on the ok button on your Roku remote.
  • You will have details about the channel and also the user ratings for the channel.
  • You also get to see the screenshot previews of the channel.
  • Add the College sports channel and click on Add channel using your Roku remote to watch college football on Roku
  • You will have to pay for the subscription of the College sports channel.
    • So click on Buy (the price will be seen alongside) to purchase the channel
  • You will be prompted to provide the Roku’s login credentials or just the Roku pin.
  • Roku will use the payment details you have saved previously for buying other channels.
  • In case your payment information has expired you will be prompted to update it on your Roku account.
  • So visit roku.com/link from your computer using the web browser.
  • Click on my account and sign in using your Roku account details.
  • Under payment, method section click on the update link.
  • You will have to re-enter the details of your credit/debit card to finish the update.
  • You can also use PayPal if available.
  • This will get the details updated.
  • Now visit your Roku device and add or buy your favorite channels.

If you still have problems to watch college football on Roku then visit our website at www.go-roku.com.

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