Use Roku Smart TV Without Roku Subscription – Roku Code Setup

Use Roku Smart TV without Roku Subscription

Learn how can use Roku Smart TV without Roku subscription. Connect the smart TV to an active Internet Connection and stream the contents for free. Most of the Roku TV users follow this method. All you require is an active Internet connection and HDMI antennae.

Find the steps below to use Roku smart TV without Roku subscription:

  • Use the simple Remote that comes with the Roku smart TV Package
  • Use Live streaming option  to stream the live contents
  • Watch, stream, Play and Listen to your Favorites
  • The device allows using HDTV antennae to stream the contents (Roku code Setup)
  • Find the amazing and easy setup Instructions to watch the contents without any subscription

Access thousands of app found in Roku platform

  • Stream the contents of popular apps like Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, Plex and show time
  • Most of the channels are free and does not require any subscription
  • The device support 4K, HDR and Dolby vision
  • Use the Enhanced remote for easy selection and Navigation
  • Live cable programming allows to watch the Live Contents. Does not require any Subscription
  • Channels like ABC, FOX NOW and HBO GO are free channels
  • Use HDTV Antennae.
  • Connect the HDTV Antennae to watch the contents of the smart Network

Execute the following for Roku smart TV be used without Roku subscription.

How To Use Roku Smart Tv Without Roku Subscription

  • Switch on your Roku smart TV
  • Choose the required contents of the top streaming apps
  • Connect the device to an Active Internet Connection
  • Use HDTV antennae to watch the live contents
  • Find the built-in Network Connectivity options like Wired or Wireless Network
  • Enter the correct username password
  • Connect the Roku smart TV to wired or Wireless Network Connection
  • Check for the Wireless Network standards like 802.11ac
  • Place the Smart TV close to the Router for improved wireless signal
  • Do not connect multiple devices to Router

Use the Live Streaming Option

  • The live streaming option allows to stream the contents without any subscription and the contents are free.
  • Connect the Roku smart TV to an active Internet connection to stream the contents without any subscription charges
  • Verify the correct username and password. Ensure that it is secured
  • Stream your favorites online and enjoy the streaming experience

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