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How to Do Tubitv com Activate

Tubitv com Activate – Tubi TV Channel Activation on Roku

Tubi TV is an independent channel available since 2014 for viewers across the nation. Stream on-demand shows and movies on this popular Roku channel. This is a free, ad-supported channel with content mostly from Metro-Goldwyn Mayer, Paramount Pictures, and Lionsgate. Now, you can also watch special Winter Olympics shows and movies on the channel. So, complete tubitv com activate and enjoy streaming original shows and other blockbuster hits.

Adding and activating the channel

  • To add and activate the channel on your Roku, follow the below instructions carefully.
  • Use your Roku remote or the app-enabled mobile device to navigate to the HOME SCREEN menu.
  • From your HOME SCREEN menu, visit the STREAMING CHANNELS option on your Roku.
  • Search for the Tubi TV channel under the Movies & TV genre or under the Top Free genre.
  • This is a free channel and hence can be directly added to your Roku without any subscription fees.
  • You may, however, have to enter your Roku PIN to confirm the channel addition.

Shows popular on TubiTV com Activate

Add this channel to your Roku and then enjoy streaming the following shows.

  • Dog the Bounty Hunter – it is a reality show available since 2004.
  • This Old House – a lifestyle show running since 2015.
  • Dance Academy – a family drama widely popular for its cast and storyline.
  • 6teen – an animation series for young adults (has a PG rating).
  • Original Popeye – the original series of Popeye the Sailor man which was created in 1959.

These are the top picks currently available on the Tubi TV channel. For additional information on other shows and movies,  To get assistance in channel addition or channel removal, visit us at Go-roku.com.

Roku Activation Issue: Get New Code

There are several issues that you may face with the Roku box activation. If you get an error code while entering the activation code, then try these simple remedy steps.

  • Make sure that you enter the correct code, otherwise enter the same code for the second time.
  • If the code was correct and you’re still not able to make the connection, then it could be a system or network error, in which case all you need is to wait for some more time.
  • Go ahead and generate a new code if the previous steps failed. Click on the Help option to do this.
  • Patience is the key here as it generally takes a few minutes for your code to appear on your television.
  • In spite of all this, if you find that you are not able to get a new code, then you may go ahead and try resetting your Roku device.
  • Under the Settings menu select the Factory Reset option to reset the Roku device.
  • Once the reset is complete, regenerate the activation code to start streaming.
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