Troubleshooting tips for your Roku remote

Troubleshooting Roku Remote – Tips

The Roku streaming stick provides the user with either the Standard IR remote or the Enhanced Point Anywhere remote, depending on the model of the Roku. The remotes come with a basic difference. Where the Standard remote requires an infrared light for operation, the Enhanced point anywhere remote works through the wireless and does not need any directional pointing. The standard remote can only be operated when there are no barriers in infrared’s path. The Enhanced Point Anywhere Remote, like the name suggests, operates from anywhere in the vicinity. Troubleshooting Roku Remote (  tips mentioned below.

The Standard Remote:

For the Roku device to work properly, point the Standard IR remote directly towards it. Some difficulties that you can face with the standard remote are:

  • Missed key presses can be a common problem when there is an object blocking the pathway of the infrared between the remote and the device
  • Low or dead batteries are also a frequent concern

Troubleshooting Roku Remote – Standard IR remote issues with the following steps:

  • Always place the device in a position where you can always see it; visibility should be clearly available from the place where you want to view your channels and from the area where you are sitting
  • Ensure that no object is placed between the remote and the Roku device
  • If the remote is unresponsive, try resetting the batteries
  • The remote may still not respond after battery the resets, in which case, you must replace the batteries completely
  • In the case where the remote is broken, visit the Roku accessory store for a replacement

Enhanced Point Anywhere Remote:

Equipped with a high-end technology and connectivity through the wireless, the Enhanced Point Anywhere Remote need not be pointed directly at the Roku device for activity.

A common problem you may face with the Enhanced Remote is the setup and pairing process.

You can resolve the issue in several ways: If you cannot fix the issue in the first step, you can move on to the next one.

Step 1:

  • Remove the batteries from their compartment behind the remote
  • Wait for about 5 seconds after disconnecting the power cord from the Roku device
  • Reconnect the power cord and turn the device on again
  • The home screen with the Roku logo will be seen
  • At this point, insert the batteries back into the remote
  • It should take about 30 seconds for the remote to establish a connection with the Roku

Step 2:

  • Follow all the instructions in Step 1 till you reinsert the batteries back into the remote
  • Once done, look for the pairing button on the remote
  • Press and hold it for about 3 seconds
  • A pairing light starts blinking on the remote
  • Replace the batteries if you do not see any light
  • Once again, both the devices will be paired in about 30 seconds

If none of the above work, then maybe it is time to change your remote. Visit the Roku accessory store to get one.

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