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The X-Files

This is inspired on the same lines of the many Sci-fi likes of The Twilight Zone, Tales from The Dark side and Kolchak the Night Stalked.  The series transcended the genre label and became one of the most popular and critically acclaimed television programs of the 1990s and definitely features on the top fictional TV series Roku of all times. Get your Roku.com/link code for completing your Roku setup process.

Doctor Who

Doctor Who is undoubtedly one of the best yet impression in science fiction pop culture. Created by the famous Sydney Newman, the series highlights the adventures of ‘The Doctor’. He explores the universe with the help of his spaceship, the TARDIS.

Star Trek: The Next Generation

A phenomenal success that the Paramount pictures actually rebooted the franchise in 1987. The show was available for 7 continuous years. Besides, it has 174 episodes which were all successful.


The best ever critically acclaimed series featuring as the best television dramas of all time. The characters in the drama were the center point. However, it did not score so well with the audience.

Battle Star Galactica

Another critically acclaimed hit, which got featured as the best dramas on television. There is an incredible cast which brings a complex humanity to its characters.  Therefore you can easily mark this series as the best soap opera in this genre.

Lost in Space

Lost in Space even actually managed to beat the original Star Trek series through the ratings. This is one of the most iconic and recognizable television opera. It also features in the top fictional TV series Roku.

The Twilight Zone and The Outer Limits

Best ever premier with the unrelated dramatic stories which brings a great paranormal science fiction or a futuristic spin, which is often accompanied with a surprising ending. There is great creativity with incredible narrative, and is definitely one of the most iconic and classic television shows in history and definitely features in the top fictional TV series Roku of all times.

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