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Game of  thrones season 7: Review

We did notice a lot of people screaming at their TVs (thrones season 7), aggressively, with their eyes brimming, teared up, “Finally…. The Winter… Is… HERE!”. From a lot of cliff hangers in the season finale, to shielding ourselves from all possible spoilers the internet might throw at us, we have done everything as a loyal fan of the soap that currently is the talk of the town, “Game Of  Thrones season 7”! (  helps you get ahead of spoilers, by the way)

Game of Thrones Season 7 - Roku Activation

The story outline

Basically, a political drama, thrones season 7, between the kings and the queens and the prospective kings and the queens. It is directed based on the series of novels by the same name written by Mr. R. R. Martin, GoT has taken the audience by surprise, with its captivating, worth the wait season premiere! Here we attempt reviewing the episode without spoiling any of it for you!

Review of the latest season

The last season premiere was not as huge as expected because the episode was simply glimpses and recaps of the previous season finale. But this is a blessing, as the season premiere has been extremely satisfying. The plot continuation is perfect, and the mysteries of the finale have given their answers.

Honestly, we wouldn’t have asked for a premiere that is better, for every shot, every dialogue, and every character is anchored in our hearts! In thrones season 7 (“North Remembers”, for example). Every reveal takes its own sweet time, and hypes up the audience perfectly, but not without meeting the expectations does the veils go down! For people that had their Roku activation have their back, this is a smooth ride!

One of the critically acclaimed things about GoT is the camera work. The thrones season 7 was a long, gloomy, melancholic shots are what made us fall in love with the soap, and the premiere emphasizes on it perfectly! The dialogues are crisp, the makeup is on point and moreover, the acting is the crown jewel! Activate your Roku by entering your Roku code at

Hurry up on your Roku activation, and enjoy lot more soaps like GoT on your Roku device! You no longer have to wait for the internet to spoil the fun for you, or have to skip the work day because you had the premiere coming up! Believe Roku and the channels listed in it to bring to you, the latest soaps to your living room! Happy streaming!

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