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Stream Roku Google Play Movies

Use the Google Play app and the Roku media player ( Roku.com/link ) to stream Roku Google play movies. First, purchase a Roku device and get it activated with an activation code. Then setup an account with Google Play. The setup process can be completed from a computer or a mobile device. However, Google Play movies are available only in select countries and they are,

  • United States of America
  • United Kingdom
  • Canada
  • Germany
  • Ireland

Due to copyright issues they are unavailable in other countries. If you reside in one of the above-mentioned countries and have a Roku device (any model) in hand, then you will be able to enjoy and stream Roku Google Play movies.

After purchasing, activating and setting up an account, follow these steps to enjoy some great entertainment.

  • Switch on the TV and the Roku device
  • Use the Roku remote to access the HOME SCREEN
  • Go to the Channel store
  • Search for GOOGLE PLAY MOVIES & TV option
  • Click on the ADD CHANNEL button
  • Sign in to the channel using your login credentials
  • A code will be displayed on your screen which has to be noted down
  • Login to the Google Play account from another device (computer or mobile device)
  • Enter the code which was noted down
  • Click on the CONTINUE button
  • Make changes to the PERMISSIONS is necessary
  • Follow onscreen instructions and add a payment method
  • You will be charged if and only if you make a purchase
  • Setup a PIN for the Google Play account
  • Return to the Roku device to check if the app was added successfully

Precaution while you setup the stream Roku Google play movies

  • The Google PIN is different from the PIN for the Roku device
  • You will have to sign in to your Google Play account every time you want to buy or rent a content
  • Roku does not support PayPal and other direct carrier billing
  • You will be able to link only one Google Play account with a Roku device

How to switch between accounts on Roku

  • Switch on the TV and the Roku device
  • Use the Roku remote to access the HOMESCREEN
  • Open the GOOGLE PLAY MOVIES & TV app
  • Repeat the above steps on a web browser accessed from a computer or a mobile device

Even after following these steps if you are unable to stream Roku Google Play movies , then you need help. chat with our assistant at www.go-roku.com

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