• Steps To Activate YouTube com on Roku

Steps To Activate YouTube com on Roku | Watch the Oscars Online

The Youtube has almost become an essential part of everyone’s time. YouTube has it all. It can cater relevant content to almost everyone’s need right from entertainment to politics

Following are some of the steps to activate youtube com on Roku.

Activation Method 1:

 First, set up your Roku device with your television
 Now Sign in with the credentials if necessary
 Add the YouTube service to your My channels list
 Then select the Menu option and click open the Channel Store as well.
 You can find all the categories inside the Channel Store.
 Finally, Locate Youtube which can found under the Top Free Section.
 Now you can choose the Youtube icon and then click on OK.
 Then you will be able to see the ADD Channel option.

To add the channel

 Choose ADD Channel and select OK.
 Now you will be able to see YouTube on the My Channels list
 Then navigate to the My Channels option and press open YouTube.
 Enter into the settings option and select Sign in.
 On your television screen, you will be able to see a 8 digit code.
 You can stay put on that 8 digit code screen and you need to remember the code.
 Now visit youtube.com/activate and type in all the sign in credentials.
 During the signing in process, you will have to enter the 8 digit code once it prompts you to type it.
 Type the code you saw on the television screen without making any errors.
 Now select next or proceed to move further.
 If it prompts you to give access to it, you can very well allow it.
 Youtube is now active on the Roku device.

Activation Method 2:

 To begin with, Click on the Home Button
 Open the Channel Store by choosing the streaming Channels option.
 NowEnter the Keyword of the channel “YouTube”
Also, Click add channel to install the channel on your Roku.

Activation using the Website:

 Type Roku com link in your browser
 Now Login using the Roku credentials
 Search the channel and click add to Roku

Activation using the Smartphone:

 To begin with , Open the application
 Then, Choose the channel YouTube
 Using the application, choose Add channel.

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