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Why Should I Get a Roku and How to Use the Device

Reasons to get a Roku device?

A Roku is similar to your DTH but has the capability to stream videos from the internet too. The device has to be plugged into your television and thus you will be able to watch real-time videos live on your TV screen right from the internet. And the good thing is, the device is not that expensive either. For the features that you can enjoy, the media player is cost-effective. From simple streaming sticks to players which support 4K UHD videos, Roku has it all. You can choose a device according to your streaming requirements. The Roku comes with a private channel store that lets you select your preferred content to stream. Besides, it has also recently launched its radio service that lets you play a collection of music including classics.

How should I get a Roku device working?

The Roku has a simple setup and activation process. You require an activation code ( Roku.com/link ) along with an account to activate your device and view your content. The below steps will help you out in account creation.

  1. Go to my.roku.com website
  2. You must be 18 years or older to register for a Roku account (you will be asked to enter your name, a valid email ID and a unique password)
  3. The second page will require you to key in your payment information

After creating the Roku account, you can add any number of Roku channels to it and manage all your Roku devices under one account. In order to know how to setup your device, go through these easy to follow instructions.

Where should I get a Roku activation code and use it?

  1. Make sure that the Roku player and the TV are both turned on
  2. The Roku device must be connected to a high-speed internet connection (to stream videos faster)
  3. Wait till the device either downloads or updates the necessary software and firmware
  4. After which your TV screen will show an activation code
  5. Login to roku.com/link on your phone or PC and enter the code that is displaying on your TV

You should have now successfully completed the setup and activation of your Roku device. If you face any hurdles in doing so, then you can retry by switching off all concerned devices and rebooting to check the process.

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