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Sharp Roku TV Help

With Sharp Roku TV help you can resolve some common problems all by yourself. Performing the Hard and the Soft Reset is a mustfor most issues.

Start Performing a Soft Reset of your Sharp Roku TV/ Onscreen Method

Soft Reset is the process of restarting the Roku device ( Roku.com/link ) or the Roku TV. To successfully perform the soft reset of sharp Roku TV, simply follow the quick and the easy guidelines below

  • The initial step is to Power On your Sharp TV. From the remote press the menu.
  • Start navigating through the menu options using the left and the Right arrow keys and the setup submenu will be visible
  • Choose the Reset button and then click on the Enter button. You will sometimes receive a prompt to enter the access code. Enter the respective code if you have already created. Use the Number Pad on the remote controller to select the options
  • Select yes using the Left or the Right arrow key and then press the Enter button. Your sharp Roku TV will now restart and find the Initializing window on the TV screen
  • Visit our website and then click on the sharp Roku TV help link, more instructions will be provided

The above Sharp Roku TV help should solve most of your TV issues.

Performing a Hard Reset

Perform hard reset using the following the simple and easy steps below

  • The initial step is to unplug the Television. Start pressing and holding the channel down and the Input buttons located on the Control Panel
  • Plug the television back by holding these buttons. Continue holding the buttons until the television is turned on

Start Performing the Factory Reset

A Factory reset Option will be visible on the Service Menu. Click on the Factory Reset Option and then press the Enter option and your Sharp Roku TV will be automatically reset. It is better to perform the onscreen method first and then proceed with the other methods

Other helpful guidelines

If you still find any issues with the sharp Roku TV, check the cables and make sure that the Correct TV Input is selected, Check the Picture settings to adjust the Brightness, Contrast, and ensure that the Antennae or Cable TV is connected correctly, Check the incoming signal and make sure that it is compatible

Find the above guidelines for Sharp Roku TV help . You can also visit us at go-roku.com

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