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How To Setup Roku Device ?

Things are always easier said than done, especially when it comes down to the topic of how to setup Roku. Though we have several articles on the internet today which says that they will guide you in setting up your device, most of them fail to do so because of their complexity. Our website has taken the effort to translate this process into the simplest version possible. So that everyone will be able to understand and benefit out of it. This article will not deal with much of the technicality of the devices. However, just lets you complete the setup without any help from anyone.

The most important of all is having your Roku streaming media player up and running. If there seems to be an issue in the powering up of your device, simply connect it directly to your TV using a USB cable instead of connecting it with a power adaptor. First, let’s attempt to connect your media player to your TV set before going through how to setup Roku process:

The actual process

  1. First, an HDMI cable is essential to establish this connection.
  2. It is always best to make use of the power adaptor that comes along with the device rather than using a USB to charge it.
  3. If your power adapter is faulty then you may make use of a USB cable to power up the streaming player. There is a light indicator on the device which tells if the input power is sufficient or not.
  4. Then, the remote of the Roku has to be powered up with the help of appropriate batteries.
  5. Now, the device should be in the range of the remote (for standard remotes only).
  6. Finally, switch on the TV and select the input source as your Roku player (corresponding HDMI port).

Since the Roku device is connected to your TV you can complete how to setup Roku with the help of your TV screen. There are one of two ways in which you can connect your Roku player to the router. Make a wireless or a wired connection which ever suits your convenience.

For wireless connectivity, choose settings on your TV screen followed by the network settings where you will have to choose “Setup new Wi-Fi connection”.

For wired connectivity, choose settings on your TV screen followed by the network settings where you will have to choose “Wired (Ethernet)”. Once your Roku setup process is completed, link your roku.com/link code to your Roku account for successful completion.

These are very easy steps that elucidate how to setup Roku procedure. Some people may still find it difficult to make that ever-elusive connection. In such a case, reach out to our customer support team who are ready to aid you in such grave situations on furthermore, chat with us at www.go-roku.com

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