• Roku vs Chromecast

The Duel: Roku And Chromecast

Roku vs Chromecast

Roku is clearly a front runner when it comes to streaming sticks. With google launching the Chromecast let us see the differences between Roku and Chromecast. Both the devices look more or less the same. They are both tiny USB devices which you can insert it behind your TV.


  • When it comes to apps nothing can beat Roku.
  • All the channels are in the form of apps.
  • These channels are not just fillers but popular ones like HBO, Netflix, Pandora and many more.
  • When it comes to Chromecast, it also has similar apps with an android OS.
  • Both the devices come with more all free and paid channels.
  • But Google Chromecast library is small when compared to Roku.

Roku vs Chromecast Infographics


  • Roku comes with a handy portable remote.
  • Use the buttons on the remote to navigate and search for what you are looking for.
  • Few models of Roku come with the private listening option.
  • These remotes have a headphone jack where you can insert an earphone and listen to your favorite audio with privately.
  • They also come with a lost remote finder option.
  • In case you lost the remote, you can locate it easily with this feature.
  • Major setback with Chromecast is, it does not have a physical remote.
  • You should use your mobile phone and the app to change the channels and for navigation.


  • Roku has the best search feature when compared to Chromecast.
  • Roku uses a cross-platform search
  • It predicts your search term real quick with just few character inputs.
  • The Roku app also uses the same platform and hence you can search for any content in lightning speed.
  • Chromecast, on the other hand, makes you open several app to look for the content you want.


  • The Roku is the most affordable streaming device available in the market.
  • It comes loaded with many features and the best video and audio output quality.
  • Roku comes with more than 45,000 plus free channels too.
  • Roku’s excellent ecosystem is difficult to overlook.
  • The interface and search make it the best user-friendly device.

User interface:

  • Roku comes with its own OS.
  • Apps are in the form of channels.
  • Each genre is in the form of a tab making your search for the contents very easy.
  • You can also arrange the channels in whichever order you want.
  • This feature is not available with Chromecast which uses the Android OS

Roku comes out as a winner when it comes to value for money and user interface. It gives the best quality audio and video output. Roku’s remote is an additional feature to make it the best.

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