Features of the Roku Ultra 2017

Roku Ultra Features – Explore the advantages of the Roku Ultra 2017

One of the most intelligent Roku-ultra features 2017 is streaming channels in 4 UHD resolutions. It provides the user with an extraordinary entertainment experience. Following is a review of the Roku-ultra features 2017 (Roku.com/link), the new model, which also has an updated operating system, far advanced than its predecessors.

You can now Stream “UHD or 4K ultra-high definition HDR or high dynamic range” contents with the new Roku Ultra. Besides providing the user with amazing viewing experiences, the device is also equipped with a USB port and an optical output port.Even its sophisticated antecedents are bereft of. It also comes with a headphone jack, a microphone to give voice commands.The remote locator can help detect your missing remote.

Features of the Roku Ultra 2017

Remarkable HD Picture Output:

You can now Stream amazing 1080p HD or 4K content on your Ultra HD TV. Find 4K content easily with some of the popular channels. The images are sharp and strikingly realistic.

Processing Speed:

  • Roku has managed to create a whole new generation of devices by incorporating the powerful Quad Core processor into the device.
  • Working at 802 11ac dual band wireless, the processor is swift, responsive and loads channels quickly.

Vibrant Colors:

  • With its HDR capabilities, the Roku Ultra takes color details a notch higher by streaming both the darkest and brightest colors in high-definition.
  • Covering all ranges of colors, the output is more natural, imposing and of course, stunning.

Remote Locator:

  • In the case where you have misplaced your remote, pressing the button on your Roku device will tell you where it is.
  • Alternatively, you can also use your handheld smartphone or mobile device as a fully functional remote and as a streaming companion.

Fully Loaded Features:

  • The new Roku Ultra 2017 comes with fully loaded features such as the premium headphones that allow private listening, etc.
  • A point anywhere remote that comes with enhanced functionalities, gaming buttons and a voice search.
  • You can search for your favorite content by actor, title or director.
  • Activate the optical ‘Night Listening’ mode to modulate the volume of your channel at night.
  • Roku Ultra 2017’s audio features also include the Dolby Audio over HDMI.

Setting up the Roku Ultra 2017

  • To setup the Roku you need a wireless router, a working broadband connection and a TV with an HDMI port.
  • Connect the TV to the Roku device and you will be provided with guided setup instructions to activate the device.
  • A very easy procedure, you can almost instantly start streaming your favorite channels, TV Shows, movies, news and much more.

Watch this…

  • You can now Stream endless channels with your new Roku Ultra 2017 such as blockbusters, niche channels, big brand entertainment, sports, music, news and more.
  • Gain easy access to about 4500 free and paid channels.
  • It includes Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Video, PBS kids and Pandora to name just a few.

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