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The New Roku Streaming Stick Review – Roku.com/link

Roku Streaming Stick

If you are around the corner and confused over which streaming stick to purchase, you should check the new Roku streaming stick. We have compiled this, just for you. We are an online guidance informative center to help Roku users get the most of their streaming players (roku.com/link).

Why should you choose this Roku player?

The Streaming Stick is considered as one of the best devices. Because, you cannot find another device at this price for the features it offers!

  • Though it’s small in size, it is extremely efficient. When you are connecting to the2.4GHz & 5GHz networks, experience rich and flawless performance!
  • If you are looking for the fastest “ac” Wi-Fi standard, which you can expect to find in the Roku 4 and currently unavailable with these models.
  • Check the new quad-core processor that offers users eight times faster speed. However, this is in comparison to the other streaming sticks available in the market.
  • The “Private listening” feature is available on the Roku streaming stick, allows users to automatically mute the TV’s audio and listen to the sound through the private jacks provided. You can find this feature in the remote app.
  • Experience apps which are much quicker on this new Roku streaming stick. Besides the makers claim that it’s about the same streaming speed as the Roku 2.
  • When you check the remote functionality, the response is pretty good and quick.
  • Powering on the Roku takes about 28 seconds, which is quicker than peer brands like Chromecast and the Fire TV stick. There is the perfect fit into the HDMI ports of most TVs. In case, you find an issue, a power cable will do the trick. Try using the port saver, if your TV’s connection is not appropriately fit and too tight.
  • One should never miss using the remote app, which makes streaming easier for Roku users.

Do you know the process for activating the player?

If this is not your first Roku, then you will find that the activation is similar to other models. However, first time users may need some help here. First, get yourself an account from Roku and then get an activation code from your device. Use them both and complete the linking activation process.

Visit www.go-roku.com for more information on the features of the Roku streaming stick. We would be glad to assist you with your queries.

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