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Roku or Apple TV Which is better

Explore the features of both the devices to know Roku or Apple TV which is better.

Roku may seem well-positioned on the streaming media players’ list but competitors like Apple TV are soon catching up.

Features of the Apple TV:

  • It is a palm-sized plastic box which can be connected to your TV through the HDMI slot using the HDMI cable.
  • You will have to connect it to your home network to bring the best of the videos to your TV.
  • It has a very simple three-button remote.
  • The Apple TV interface is so easy to navigate.
  • You do not need an IPhone to use the Apple TV.
  • You should have an ITunes account to access the contents of the Apple TV.
  • Apple TV offers more than 50+ channels.
  • You get access to channels that the content provider decides to make it available.
  • The Apple TV works seamlessly with all the apple products like the IPhone, IPad, etc. so if you are watching a TV show and want to continue watching it later on a different device you can do it with the Apple TV app.
  • Siri remote is compatible with Apple TV.
  • Apple TV is compatible with Bluetooth keyboard.
  • You can zoom into your videos on an Apple TV.

Some more features to evaluate Roku or Apple TV which is better:

Roku TV:

  • Roku connects to your TV and to your home network via Wi-Fi or Ethernet.
  • Using Roku’s easy to use menu you have so many channel options to choose from like Amazon video, HBO, Netflix, etc.
  • You can also subscribe to live channels like Direct TV Now, Sling TV, etc.
  • All these channels act just like apps on smartphones.
  • It has a 4K section which gives you videos with higher resolution.
  • Roku streaming devices will help you watch all your favorite shows on the go ( Roku.com/link ).
  • Roku remote comes with voice search option to search for your favorite videos and shows.
  • You can access 500,000+ streaming movies and TV episodes among thousands of free and paid channels
  • Detailed picture with rich color quality gives you a feeling that the pictures come alive.
  • With more users looking for 4K TVs, Roku has two devices that can stream videos in 4K quality.
  • Roku Ultra is a good model to consider even if you don’t have a 4K TV if you use Ethernet as your broadband connection.
  • Roku’s remote can be used from anywhere in the house and comes with the lost remote finder option

Our Take:

Even though Apple TV comes with an equal number of features, Roku TV may be the best combination of cost and functionality.

Hope this blog would have helped you to decide Roku or Apple TV which is better choice for you. Visit our website www.go-roku.com to know more about the activation and other details. To know better about Roku or Apple TV which is better to buy.

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