How To Activate Netflix On Your Roku

Roku Netflix Code | How To Add Netflix to Your Roku

You can watch Netflix motion pictures and TV on your Roku.( must create a Roku account on the Roku site and get Roku Netflix Code. Once the record is made, take after the means for your Roku beneath.

  • If you have your Roku account on Roku 1

  • From the main Home screen, explore Home and select Netflix.

On the off chance that Netflix is missing

  • Explore to Channel Store, then Movies and TV.

  • Select Netflix, then Add Channel, then go to channel.

  • Visit Roku Account’s support site for more offer assistance.

  • Select Yes on the Are you an individual from Netflix? screen.

  • In the event that you are not yet a part, take the information exchange prompts or set up your enrollment on the web.

  • A code will show up. Enter this initiation code at

  • If you have your Roku account on any other Roku models

  • From the main Home screen, explore Home and select Netflix.

  • Netflix is accessible on certain Roku models.

Netflix streaming elements on upheld devices include:


On most devices, Roku Netflix Code gives you a chance to peruse through lines of motion pictures and TV appears, including a line devoted to your My List selections. Each column speaks to a classification (Comedies, Dramas, TV appears, and so on) that we present to you in light of what you’ve viewed.
More established devices might not have columns of motion picture classifications, but rather do permit you to scroll through My List, which you can make utilizing the Netflix site.


Most devices are fit for streaming Netflix in top notch on quick Internet associations and will play Netflix in their greatest upheld determination (see our Internet Connection Speed recommendations for more data).

Subtitles and Alternate Audio

Figure out how to enable subtitles, shut inscriptions, and interchange audio (including 5.1 encompass sound), which are accessible on numerous motion pictures and TV appears. To check if your device underpins 5.1 sound, go to any Netflix Original to check whether there is a 5.1 sound alternative. If not, your device does not bolster this component. Numerous devices will give you a chance to redo the presence of subtitles and inscriptions. A few devices will show subtitles and inscriptions in their default appearance.

Parental Controls

Netflix permits you to set parental controls on singular profiles to setup Roku Netflix Code.
Need any assistance for Netflix activation
visit for more information.

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