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Roku link code from TV (Roku link code Tv) – setting up your Roku couldn’t get easier than this

The basic roku link code from TVsetup  (roku link code Tv) instructions for most of the Roku models are generally the same. Where all the Roku models are not available in all the countries, some streaming Roku players support 4K HDR. You should also possess a TV that is compatible with 4K high definition resolution.

Essential Tip: You can connect all the Roku players through the HDMI port of your TV.

Connect your roku link code from TV (roku link code Tv) without the HDMI cable in the following way:

roku link code Tv
  • Gather the AC output, the Roku player (roku link code Tv), the remote and the composite video cable, which also contains the RCA

  • Take the Roku box and place it on the TV

  • One by one, insert the composite wires into the HD Roku player

    Note: You can match the colors of the wires with the colors marked on the Roku’s input

  • Now, place the other end of the cable into the TV – match the wires to the input colors marked on the TV

  • Plug the power wire into the Roku device and the other end to a wall outlet

  • The device lights up and the Roku logo is displayed on the TV screen

    From here on, the roku link code from TV process more or less remains the same as it is for other players. You also have to be careful that you choose the right input button on your TV display.

  • The ‘Lets get started >’ screen allows you to choose your preferred language

  • Next, on the ‘Choose your network’ screen, the device starts scanning for networks and locates yours

  • Go ahead and click on it and then you will be prompted to enter a password in the ‘Wireless’ screen.

    Note: Sometimes, the input on the TV will be marked green instead of yellow. Insert the yellow cable into this slot.

  • Type the password in using the keys on your remote and click on ‘Connect’

  • The progress screen ‘Making Connection to..’ appears with three radio buttons, that turn into check marks one by one as the device attempts to connect to the network

  • The device then searches for software updates at the ‘Updating Software’ progress screen

  • Once it has found the relevant software, the device automatically downloads and installs it

  • The player now restarts and in HD TVs, asks you if you wish to change your ‘Display Type’

    The Roku link code from TV activation process begins from here

  • In the ‘Activate your Roku’ screen you will receive a code

  • Open your computer and here you have to enter this code into the Roku activation link site, to activate your device.

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