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Roku Express vs. Express Stick Conducting a user speed test

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We all know that Roku (roku link account) introduces great products into the market each year. And as every year passes, it only gets better. So much so that we are left comparing the brand with itself!

Where most of the roku link account processes remain the same, in this presentation, we are going to attempt to compare the Roku Express against the Roku Streaming Stick. The Express seems to be a slightly low-end device, which costs just about $30 in retail and the Roku stick should be about $49.99. The Roku Express is also tiny and roughly about the same size as the streaming stick. They both can be taped to the bottom of your TV so that they are invisible and do not occupy much space and can be powered by the USB port of your TV.

There are slight differences in the hardware though. The Roku Express requires a line of sight for its remote to work while the Roku stick works on a wireless, point-anywhere remote that does not require the visibility of the player (roku link account).


The speed of the devices is a matter of debate:

I guess the Roku streaming stick costs the extra $20 because of its speed. When you switch channels or browse for your preferred content on the Roku streaming stick, the click registers faster. The stick definitely seems faster than the Express because there is a marked difference between load times and the display screen resolutions as well. In both the areas, the Roku stick seems to be performing effectively. The stick also scrolls through the menus a lot faster than the Express and is a lot smoother. There is a noticeably faster experience on the stick even with movie load and play times. In a boot test – where you turn both the devices on and off – the stick reboots and comes on faster than the Express. The roku link account setup process can also be achieved faster in the streaming stick.

Roku Fact: The Express and the Streaming Stick are two of the least expensive media devices of the Roku.

Obviously, the newer devices seem to perform a lot better than the older ones, due to constant advancements and upgrades. By all means, the new Roku streaming stick has a landslide victory over the older Express. As far as the main menu fluidity is concerned, all models are pretty smooth and responsive, but the new Roku streaming stick still has a slight edge over the others.

To setup your Roku:

  • Connect the streaming stick to the HDMI port on your TV

  • Sync your remote and Power up the Roku

  • Follow onscreen instructions till you get a code on the screen

  • Enter Activation Code for Roku at to activate your account.

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