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Roku favourite shows and entertainment on the Roku Streaming Player

Keep yourself updated with the latest channels and streaming entertainment available on your Roku device. Look up your menus to follow actors, directors, movie titles and Rokufavorite shows and subscribe to shows that you like the most. Going a step further, Roku now brings you the ‘My Feed’ option that keeps you updated about new Roku favorite shows that are available on it and at extremely economical rates.

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Some of the popular shows you can enjoy on Roku

1. Game of Thrones:

  • This series deals with the story about 9 noble families.
  • The powerful families fight over seven kingdoms to take control of it.
  • While they fight, an ancient enemy threatens them all.
  • The last heir of the family plot against them to grab their homeland back
  • Enjoy this series adding the HBO channel which streams Game of Thorns.
roku favourite shows

2. Grey’s Anatomy:

  • This series’ story revolves around five surgical interns.
  • The story moves around their personal and professional life
  • It is a medical base drama which deals with professional and personal challenges.
  • Add ABC channel to enjoy your favorite medical drama.

3. Strange things:

  • The story deals about a peculiar incident that happens in a small town.
  • A child goes missing due to a chain of events that happen following the incident.
  • The mother, a police chief, and a friend will have to fight against supernatural forces to find the kid.
  • Netflix streams strange things. Add the channel and do not miss out our favorite drama.

4. Riverdale:

  • Are you a fan of Archie’s comics? Then this series deals about Archie’s and his friends.
  • The story is about the murder that takes place during the 4th of July in Riverdale.
  • The series begins during the month of September.
  • It marks the beginning of new school year with new students, relationships and all the fun.
  • It also reveals the mysteries that happened past 4th of July murder.
  • Add the CW channel to your Roku device and enjoy this wonderful crime mystery drama.

5. The Crown:

  • Follow all the political happening around the British Royal family.
  • It also follows the romance of Queen Elizabeth II’s reign.
  • The story revolves around how a young women who takes the throne deals with her personal and professional life.
  • The main plot is around Queen Elizabeth II who will have to build a new empire to guard the declining British monarch.
  • Know what happened behind the locked doors of Buckingham Palace and Westminster.
  • Add Netflix to enjoy this wonderful series.

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