Follow your favourite shows on the Roku Streaming Player

Roku favourite shows and entertainment on the Roku Streaming Player

Keep yourself updated with the latest channels and streaming entertainment available on your Roku device. Look up your menus to follow actors, directors, movie titles and roku favourite shows and subscribe to shows that you like the most. Going a step further, Roku now brings you the ‘My Feed’ option that keeps you updated about new roku favourite shows that are available on it and at extremely economical rates.

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ROKU’s Search function

Regarded as one of the most user-friendly functionalities, Roku’s search option allows you to find shows by title, actor and director. Follow the results that you receive from your search to look for new streams.  Since there are hundreds of channels, sometimes it is difficult to find something that you really want to watch. Besides, there are loads of offers on each of these channels. Roku’s superior Search function aims to alleviate difficulties of tedious browsing. On your Home screen, on your menu, just scroll down and select ‘Search’. A virtual keyboard will appear, where you can input your choice. It will also provide all and any information about your result along with a subscription fee, if any.

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The new MY FEED option

The new Roku Feed is an absolutely new way to get to your favorite entertainment quickly. It is a new feature introduced on the Home screen that lets you follow roku favourite shows and movies on your Roku player or Roku TV.

To get started you have to use Roku’s Search function as mentioned above, to look for the specific show, select the result you want and then press on ‘Follow’. If you wish to follow the latest movie that is still running in the theatres, select ‘My Feed’ and then choose ‘Movies Coming Soon’ to browse for upcoming movies. Press ‘Ok’ to follow the movie or roku favourite shows that you want through You can find new updates in ‘My Feed’ coming in automatically.

For every new feed, a number appears next to the ‘My Feed’ option. This is an alert indicating important information. It will let you know when a new movie is ready to view or if a price of a rental has dropped. Know the availability of the next episode of your show on a particular channel. Alternatively, you can binge watch on all of them.

The ‘My Feed’ also allows you to discover a new movie that features your favorite actors. With Roku’s Feed option you can relax and allow the new stuff to come to you. The ‘My Feed’ option does the search for you and lets you know if there is anything new that you can watch.

When you do not wish to receive any updates on a particular feed, you can also click on the ‘Unfollow’ button.

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