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Roku Enter Code – Activate your Roku in just a few easy steps

The Roku Ultra is the latest and top of the line models ever introduced by Roku. Based on your needs you could choose the Roku Ultra for speed, high quality output and lots more in terms of features. Totally, there are six different players on the market with varied prices but most of the time the Roku enter code and setup procedure remains the same for all.

The Roku Ultra streams 4K content just like the Premiere and Premiere+ but comes with added hardware features. The Ultra also supports HDR that streams a better color definition and sharper images.

roku enter code

The Roku enter code setup is pretty straightforward and involves minimal complications.

When you receive the box, you will find the Roku Ultra, a guide for startup, a remote, a set of headphones, AC adapter and batteries.

Note: You have to obtain the HDMI cable separately.

  • The HDMI input should be located on the side of your TV

  • Be sure to notice the input that you choose, so that you can tune your TV to the same source

  • Insert one end of the HDMI cable into the player and the other end into the HDMI port on the TV

  • Look for ‘Input’ or ‘Source’ on your TV remote and press it

  • On your TV, toggle to the same HDMI input that you have inserted the cable into

  • It is only when you power up the Roku that you will see the Roku logo appear on the screen

  • Use the AC adapter to plug the Roku device to a power source

  • Insert the available batteries into the remote and a light starts flashing signaling to pair the remote

  • The remote pairs up automatically after which you can select your language

  • From here you can proceed with the Roku enter code setup

    • Select your preferred network and enter your password credentials
    • The latest software is downloaded and updated by the device automatically
roku enter code

Note: One additional step that you may have to choose with the Roku Ultra is the ‘Display Type’. This helps the Roku Ultra determine the best resolution for your TV.

You can see the Roku activation code on your screen once you have set the resolution. To complete the Roku enter code setup, open the relevant URL on your computer to enter the code, create an account or Sign in if you already have an account

Sit back, relax and enjoy your streaming channels in HD. For more information visit our website