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How to activate your Roku device

Using roku com slash link

Roku com slash link allows you to activate your Roku device by linking it to a Roku account. Enter the Roku activation code by visiting the link to initiate the activation process.

roku com slash link

How you can activate your Roku device using roku com slash link?

  • Switch on your Roku device first
  • Then follow the onscreen instructions carefully
  • Connect your Roku device to an active Internet connection using a wired or wireless connection
  • A new code will no be displayed on your TV
  • Go to your web browser and then type the roku com slash link URL
  • A page will be displayed where you can enter the code
  • If you have any problems with the current activation code:
    • Go to your Roku device and try pressing the * button on your remote
    • A new roku activation code will be displayed
    • At the roku com slash link URL you can now enter the new code again
  • Adhere to the instructions provided to continue with the activation process
  • Click on the submit button once the code is entered successfully
  • Always ensure that you have followed and completed all the steps which are provided on the website for successful completion of the activation process

Stays tuned to the Roku channel store for some latest entertainment updates. If you have any problems viewing your Roku activation code, try checking the list of error codes available on the URL.\link also provides you with guidelines to retrieve a lost activation code. With the guidelines you can:

  • Receive a new roku activation code
  • Troubleshoot errors associated with the roku account creation
  • Follow instructions to activate your player

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