Step by step guide to activate your Roku device using

Complete activation and add the entertaining Roku channels to enjoy streaming. If your Roku device is brand new, here we explain how to activate Roku using

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Roku, the streaming media platform enables the users to watch entertaining Roku channels. The device is versatile, affordable and arrives with a user-friendly interface

Choose the best Roku device model to begin your purchase. If Roku is your choice, you can explore the top features, specifications such as 4k Ultra HD support, Ethernet, HDMI, Micro SD, USB port, Voice search, Point to anywhere remote, Channel short cut buttons, Roku search, Screen mirroring feature, and much more activation steps include

  • Collecting the hardware
  • Establishing the network
  • Creating a Roku account
  • Activating Roku using Roku activation code
  • Troubleshooting com/linkactivation errors

How does Roku work? What are the Guidelines to activate Roku using the portal,

Roku works with a good-speed internet connection. It’s easy to activate Roku using if you follow the steps below

  • To begin Roku device activation, unpack the device
  • Check if the necessary hardware requisites are available to activate Roku
  • If yes, locate the port on your TV to connect the necessary cables
  • If the connections are secure, start pairing your Roku remote
  • Using the remote, select the language, network, and display settings
  • Now create a Roku account
  • You can access the Roku account creation portal
  • Then provide the required account sign up data such as Name, Email ID, and the Password
  • To complete Roku account creation, click on the submit tab
  • Now login in to the Roku account using the appropriate credentials
  • Set the Roku account Pin
  • Also, update the payment and credit card data
  • Then go forward with the settings to collect Roku Com Linkactivation code
  • Enter the code by tapping on the URL,com/linkto complete Roku device activation
  • After completing the Roku activation, access Roku channel store to add the entertaining Roku channels

Where to find Roku Com Link activation code?

The Roku Com Link activation code will be displayed on your TV screen if you select the appropriate settings. If the existing code is not working, press the star button on your remote to collect the new activation code

What are the common Roku Com Link activation issues and how to resolve it?

Roku Com Link activation issues are common while activating Roku. Users often get stuck with network, software, and hardware issues

  • Activation error – You can verify the activation code, activation URL used
  • Network issueCheck the speed of your network and try improving the network signal
  • Hardware error– Disconnect the cables connected to the device and connect back again. Use high-quality quality cables to connect your device
  • Roku account error– If it’s a Roku account error, check the validity of your Roku account
  • Account sign-in error– Verify the Roku account login credentials used. Also, log out of the Roku account and log in again
  • Software error– Make certain that your Roku device software is up to date. If not go to the settings> system> system update
  • Activation URL error – Clear the network cache, browsing history before loading the Roku activation page

How to activate the entertaining channels on Roku?

To activate the entertaining channels on Roku, follow the steps below

  • Turn ON your Roku device
  • Check if your gadget is connected securely to the network
  • If yes, go to the Roku channel store
  • Search your favorite channel by typing the channel name
  • Then wait until the channel search results appear
  • Select the channel
  • Then tap on the option, Add
  • Now launch the channel app
  • Then sign in using the channel account credentials to proceed with the channel activation

What are the top channels to stream on Roku?

If you are excited to stream Roku, we suggest the top Roku channels such as

  • Sony Crackle
  • The Roku channel
  • News ON
  • Pluto TV
  • Tubi TV
  • Popcorn flix
  • CBS Sports
  • Disney Plus
  • HBO Go/Now
  • Amazon Prime Video
  • Netflix
  • Peacock TV
  • Film Rise
  • Fawesome
  • Newsy

Roku channels are classified into free, paid, and private channels. If it’s a paid channel, pay the appropriate charges. To activate the Private channel, you need a private channel access code

Please contact our Roku customer support team if you require any help to activate Roku. Dial the toll-free number provided on our website portal for more updates



What are the features offered by Roku OS 10?

Roku OS 10, the latest Roku OS version arrives with top features such as Expanded Airplay, Home Kit support, Automatic Wi-Fi Network Detection, Voice controls, Game Console Auto-Configuration, HDR10+ Support, Dolby Vision, Virtual surround sound, and much more

What are the top Roku device models that arrive with Roku OS 10?

Roku Ultra, Roku Express 4k, and Roku Express 4k+ are the top Roku device models that support Roku OS 10

Why is my Roku device not connecting to the network?

Roku device may not connect to the network if you choose the invalid Roku network credentials. Placing your Roku device far away from the Router can cause network connectivity issues

How to troubleshoot Roku error code 009?

Roku error code 009 indicates slow speed and inactive network. Here we suggest the troubleshooting guidelines to fix Roku error code 009

  • To begin the troubleshooting, check the speed of your network
  • Verify the network SSID and Password used
  • Use wireless range extenders to improve the network signal
  • Position your Roku device, TV close to the Router
  • Disengage your device from the network and connect back again
  • Do not place any obstacles or interference between your Roku device and Router

What is error code 003 on Roku?

Error code 003 on Roku indicates that your Roku device is unable to update the software even after connecting to the network. Let us help you to get rid of Roku Error code 003

  • To begin with, confirm that the Roku device software is up to date
  • Check if your Roku streaming device is connected to a good speed network before software update
  • Reset your device once and verify if the error codes resolve

Why is my Roku saying user not authorized?

The error message, Roku not authorized indicates an authentication error. If you are using a TV provider subscription, check if the subscription is active

Why is my Roku not turning on? How to fix the error?

The Roku device may not turn ON if the cable connections are not secure. To fix the error

  • Confirm that the cables are connected securely to the Roku device
  • Also, replace the faulty cables with new one
  • Try disconnecting the cables connected to your Roku device, TV and connect back again

How to pair your Roku remote?

Pairing your Roku remote is easy. You can follow the instructions below

  • Take out the remote from the package
  • Open the battery compartment
  • Locate the port to fix the batteries
  • After seating the batteries, wait for the green pairing light to appear on your device screen
  • The green light indicates network connection status
  • Now you can use the remote to operate your Roku streaming device and select the required settings such as network, language, and display

How to restart your Roku device?

Roku device restart or reset is recommended to resolve the frequent Roku error codes that pop up. To learn how to restart your Roku device, follow the steps below

  • Turn on your Roku device
  • Check if your Roku device is connected to the TV
  • If yes, use your remote to go to the Settings> System> System restart
  • Select the restart settings and wait for a while until the process complete

What to do if your ROKU gadget says No signal?

If your Roku device says No signal, unplug the device from the power source and connect back again. Make certain that Power issues do not persist. We also suggest removing the cables connected to the device and connect back again

What are the top Roku streaming device models available in the market today?

Check out the top Roku device models to start your purchase. It’s your interest to pick the one that suits your budget and requirement

  • Roku Express
  • Express plus
  • Roku Ultra
  • Roku premiere
  • Premiere plus
  • Streaming stick
  • Streaming sick plus

What to do if the Roku activation page, is not loading?

If the activation page, is not loading, clear the network cache and browsing history. Use secure and good speed network to connect your device. Device restart can also help to fix the error