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Roku com link Setup – Setting up your Roku Device

Roku devices are available in the market today have some of the best features using that let you stream your favorite movies and the videos online. Following the roku com link setup guidelines is an essential part of the Roku player’s activation process.

roku com link setup

Here are some of the Roku com link set up procedures you can follow.

  • Roku device set up
  • Creating a Roku account
  • Linking the Roku account using

Roku device set up

  • Connect your Roku device to the TV – Use the cables that are provided with your device
  • Now, connect the Roku player to a power cord and the appropriate port on the TV
  • A logo will appear on the screen indicating completion of the setup process

Creating a Roku account using the Roku com link set up

  • Creating a Roku account (Roku com link setup) is an important step
  • Use a laptop or a computer connected to an active Internet
  • If you do not have a Roku account, then create one account first before proceeding with the activation process
  • User information like email address must be provided and verified
  • You can select a payment method and provide your credit card details to subscribe to your favorite channels
    • Free channels can be added from the channel store by simply clicking the ‘Add channel’ option
    • Use your credit card for paid subscriptions
    • For PayPal:
      • This payment method always requires the PayPal account details.
      • Provide the detailed information if you wish to use it
    • Create a Roku transaction Pin for an authorized transaction

Linking the Roku account using\link

  • Open your web browser
  • Click on to enter the Roku activation code
  • Once all the process is completed, you will receive a message that your device is linked successfully to a Roku account
  • Your Roku device is ready to use

 The guidelines presented above are simple and easy to execute for your Roku com link setup

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