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Roku Code Link (roku code link) – For thousands of streaming channels

If we were to count down on the best streaming sticks on the market in 2017, the Roku surpasses all its competitors (roku code link). The player comes with an easy Roku code link setup module – Take the HDMI Plug it in, connect to the internet and just start streaming! Like all other Roku devices before this, the player in 2017 also comes with the streaming stick, the remote, batteries, adapter, power cable and a guide to the device.

roku code link

To complete the Roku code link (roku code link) setup process, you have to do the following steps:

roku code link
  • Identify the HDMI port on your television – this port is going to take the Roku steaming stick

  • Plug the player directly into the HDMI port

     Note: If you do not have an HDMI cable you may have to obtain one

  • Press the ‘Source’ button on your TV remote and navigate to the same HDMI port that you plugged the Roku device into

  • The remote requires two batteries (these come along with the package) for it to function

  • Pair the remote with the player

  • Next, you have to power up your Roku player with the help of the adapter

     Note: Where you can also plug the Roku player into the TV’s USB port, it is recommended to use a wall outlet for continuous power.

  • The Roku logo appears along with the ‘Home’ screen that displays a menu

    Note: If the logo does not appear, you just have to go back and check if you have selected the correct input.

  • Allow the remote to pair automatically and once finished, choose the preferred language

  • Select your wireless network from the displayed list and enter your case-sensitive passphrase

  • Your streaming stick should now connect to your network

    Note: if the connection is successful, then all three checks will be green.

  • The streaming stick will update the software automatically

  • In the final step, you have to activate the Rokucode link player with the code that will be displayed on the screen

  • To attach your Roku link code to your streaming stick, you just have to hop online (

  • Enter the code in the space and click on ‘Submit

    Note: For those who already have a Roku account, just Sign In to link it – or you can even create an account

  • If you are creating an account:

    • Enter your security PIN code and choose your payment method at the ‘Provide Payment Information screen

This should complete the Roku link code process. Add channels now so that they (roku code link) are ready to be streamed to your TV. Navigate around the ‘Home’ screen with the remote to see that it is really fast and responsive and go through all the apps to see how quickly it can load your channel.

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