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Roku code activation – Enter a world of amazing entertainment

‘Extraordinary’ remains Roku’s middle name. No customer has been turned away from enjoying entertainment with the Roku player. The device has taken the streaming media industry by storm and brings yet another innovation your way. Did you know that the Roku code activation has accessibility features especially for the visually impaired?

Roku is known to love its audience and is dedicated to providing ultimate viewership to a wide audience at cost-effective prices. There are other streaming players available in the market but none surpasses the Roku. It stands apart in optical stability, quality control and its quick and powerful processing power. The Rokuis now equipped with an audio guide especially meant for the visually impaired.

Note: The Roku code activation and setup remains the same. you can visit for more information about activation.

The player comes with an audio-guide that has text-to-speech capabilities. For any text written on the UI, it verbally dictates it for comprehension. This will provide the user with greater clarity in navigation across menus and surf through the channels with ease

To Activate the ‘Audio Guide’:

  • Go to ‘Settings’ and launch the ‘Settings’ app

  • Click on ‘Accessibility’ and you will see the ‘Audio Guide’

  • Select it and switch it on

Once the Audio Guide or narrator is switched on, it will read all the text out for you.

There is also the ‘Voice Search’ feature meant for the visually impaired. If you want to find some content on the Roku, you can find them by just speaking into it. Similar to other popular virtual assistants such as the Google now, Siri and Alexa, the Voice Search performs the intended task but does not answer back.

Install the Roku mobile app on your smartphone, Android or iOS to avail of this feature. The physical remotes of the Roku 3, 4 and Ultra have this built into them.

The Closed Captioning is an enticing feature for the hearing impaired. If you do not understand a TV Show or a movie, then choose the ‘Closed Captioning’ for deciphering background noises, sound effects and dialogues. The feature is useful to anyone who finds it difficult to understand a language or dialect or simply wants to enjoy an impeccable streaming experience.


To setup your device use the Roku code activation:

  • Locate the HDMI port on your TV and plug the Roku Player into it

  • Now, navigate to the same port on the TV and select it

  • After choosing your preferred language, connect to the internet by choosing your network name from the list

  • Enter the password and it will display the Roku code activation

  • Open your chosen browser on the computer and go to Roku com link account to enter the code and create an account. Visit us at

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