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Roku Activation Link – Doorway to the entertainment heaven

Setup the Roku and use the roku activation link to create your account and activate your streaming channels. To start viewing your favorite shows, plug the Roku into your TV, power up the Roku and select your preferred language.

After that, the player attempts to connect to a network. There are basically just three steps involved in configuring the Roku:

  • Connecting to the internet

  • Obtaining and updating the latest software

  • Activating the Roku with the roku activation link

  • At the screen showing all of the above, click on ‘Press OK to continue

  • The ‘Connect to your network’ screen appears where you can click on ‘Wireless

    Note: Upgraded Roku players offer the option of both Wireless and Wired (Ethernet)

  • For a wireless network:

    • The player looks for the wireless network and a list of networks will display on the TV
    • You can choose the name of your network and Press ‘Ok’
    • It will now ask you to enter your network password

    Note: The network password is written underneath your router

  • Use the keys on the remote to enter your network password

  • Once you have finished, go down and press ‘Connect’

  • You should now be redirected to the screen that displays the roku activation link code

  • In case you have a wired network:

    • At the ‘Connect to your network’ screen, click on ‘Wired (Ethernet)’
    • A progress window opens that starts detecting the Ethernet connection and connects to the network
    • The next screen will prompt you to select your ‘Region’, ‘Time zone’, ‘Clock format’ and ‘Preview’
    • Click on ‘Next’
    • The roku activation link code is displayed on the screen

roku activation link

When you first plug in the Roku device and complete the instructions on the screen, you will get an activation code. The code changes every time you turn the machine on. In case you do not register now, the next time you boot the machine to turn it on, a fresh code will be displayed.

  • Go to your laptop or computer and type in to accomplish the roku link enter code

  • A page opens where you have to enter that code

  • On the next window, you have to register

    Note: The Roku account is actually free. But you may have to enter your payment information so that any future purchases from the Roku Channel Store can be made conveniently.

roku activation link

Place a payment method during the account creation process and you can access the Roku channel store that has many channels to choose from. Visit us at