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Roku Activation Code – Driving viewership to a whole new level

How to activate or setup Roku com device?

All of us know that the Roku player comes with some amazing features (Roku Activation Code).

Open up a whole new world of entertainment with the Roku activation code, which is a crucial part of your setup process. Not many of us know that there are certain developer modes that you can access on the device.

Here is how you can obtain some of the most useful and hidden codes of the Roku:

Note: Before you do the following actions, you have to make sure that your player is activated by entering the roku activation code and selecting your desired channels.

To override the speed settings:

Steps for Speed up Your Window 10 After Update

  • Take your Roku remote on which you have a press a different combination of buttons

  • Steps for Speed up Your Window 10 After Update

  • You will come to screen that says ‘Bit Rate Override’

  • From here you can select a speed to override the automatic stream selection

  • On the screen you can see a list of codes from which you can select

For your headphones:

  • Keep your headphones plugged in

  • Press the ‘Volume Up’ button twice and then the ‘Volume Down’ button two times

  • Again Press the ‘volume ‘Up’ button but this time thrice and the ‘Volume Down’ button also three times

  • You will enable the audience audio for both the speaker and the headphones

You can also install all new private channels with the help of the activation Roku code and watch free exclusive movies and IPTV. These private channels are not listed on the box but can still be configured. Find a list of private channels by browsing the internet. You can either take a look at all the private channels in no particular order or you can view them by category. Go through the ‘Top Picks’ to see what is popular to get an idea of some favored viewership.

If you want to know when to enter the roku activation code ( take a look at the following step by step instructions:

  • To setup the Roku device, connect it to the HDMI port of your TV

  • Plug and power up the Roku player

  • Select your language and connect to the internet

  • There after the player automatically looks for the required software, downloads and installs it

  • Once completed you will see the Roku activation code on the screen

  • Go to the relevant Roku URL and enter the code shown on your TV

  • This will successfully complete the activation of your device. For More information visit our website at

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