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Roku Activation Code not Working ?

If you are unable to set up and stream content on your Roku media player, chances are you are encountering the Roku activation code not working error. The year 2017 has been one of the busiest years in Hollywood with a movie released every weekend. Most of them being hits either because they spent too many millions in movie making or for their excellent screenplay coupled with some extraordinary acting. Well. Whichever is the reason, you get to watch those many more movies on your TV with the help of your Roku streaming media player. So what are you waiting for? If you have an idle device at home, you should probably soon get it activated. What would you do if you face the Roku activation code not working problem? There is definitely a solution to this problem.

Check the validity of the activation code

When you try entering the code that appears on your TV during your activation process, you find the Roku activation code not working issue. You should simply refresh your device to another code. First, make sure that the code has not expired. Every activation code connected to any model of the Roku has an expiry period within which you should use it. It is very similar to an OTP (One Time Password).

Are you using the correct Roku account?

Most users are plagued by the multiple account problem. They first create a Roku account, forget the password and go on to create another account. What happens here is, your Roku device still happens to be connected to the first account. So, you will not be able to activate it using the second Roku account. As a remedial measure, you can reset the device to factory settings and then maybe add it to a fresh Roku account.

Is the entered code accurate?

Often you assume that you are entering the correct code. In reality, the code is only slightly different from what you entered. But all devices are case sensitive and need the code to be exactly the same. For example, if your code was “AbC123” and you entered “Abc123” then there would be a mismatch leading to the Roku activation code not working issue. So make sure that you are entering the code more accurately.

There are a few tips that we would like to share with you for successfully activating Roku.com/link code. Keep the Roku account open before you switch on your Roku device and get an activation code. Once the activation code appears on the TV screen, write it down on a piece of paper. Enter the code slowly so that you do not make any mistakes while typing it.

Following these steps will definitely help you win over the Roku activation code not working problem. visit our website at go-roku.com

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