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Roku activation code link – Installing new channels on the Roku

Roku has always been empathetic about its services. It has continuously renewed and evolved each year to provide consumers with a better and improved Roku experience. Still, they have managed to keep the Roku activation code link setup relatively easy for all their devices.

Roku and YouTube have come together to create a space on the Roku3 player for YouTube. Most users are excited to watch their favorite videos on their TV by directly logging in to YouTube. Earlier, users had to utilize a convoluted way of watching YouTube on the Roku. But now, you can actually install the YouTube channel right on to the Roku, from the channel store.

To install YouTube, you should first complete the Roku code activation link installation on the player:

  • Connect the Roku 3 to the HDMI port of your TV.

    Note: You have to buy the HDMI cable separately. This does not come with the Roku.

  • Insert one end of the HDMI cable into the Roku’s HDMI jack and the other into the TV’s port

  • Take the remote and insert the AA batteries that have come along with the package into it

  • Connect the Roku’s power spot to a wall receptacle

  • Turn the TV on, and using the source button, locate the HDMI input and on the following screen, pick the language of your choice

Note: If you do not want to use the wireless connection option, you can use your Ethernet cord to plug it into the Roku’s jack to use the wired connection. This way it will be directly connected to the router for a reliable setup module.


  • Click on ‘Continue’ and select the ‘Wireless (Wi-Fi)’ option

  • From the list displayed on your TV screen, select your wireless network name by hitting the ‘Ok’ button on the remote

  • Enter your network password and the device progresses to connect to your selected wireless network

  • To create a Roku activation code link account, on your computer go to and enter the code that is shown on your TV

  • YouTube channel installation on the Roku:

    • On the Home screen, in the ‘Search’ field enter ‘YouTube’
    • It will show up on the right side of the screen
    • Click on it and then on the next screen click on ‘Add Channel’
    • The player will install the channel
    • Now, go to back to the Home page by pressing the ‘Left’ arrow
    • Click on ‘My Channels’ and you will see ‘YouTube’ listed there
    • Press on the ‘YouTube’ icon to access the channel

Note: The YouTube channel is offered free on the Roku 3 player.

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