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Roku account setup – Get more for less!

Watch more movies and more TV shows with the Roku Premiere+. It comes with better features, more apps and a better ecosystem. The Roku account setup for the Premiere+ offers more customization than any of its rivals. The device is faster and a lot quieter than the previous version. It has the capability of streaming both 4K and HDR or high definition range that provides better color and sharper images on your display.

  • When you open the Roku standard box, you will see that the Premiere Plus comes with a nice slim design and on the back, it has the Ethernet port, the HDMI port, Micro SD port and the power port.

  • The bottom of the device has a rubbery and non-slippery surface so that it does not slide around. The sides of the player though, have a glossy finish and the top has a matte finish.

  • Further underneath, you have the papers that have relevant imagery to help you connect to the Roku account setup.

  • Along with the Premiere Plus viewers also get a booklet that recommends popular channels that you can watch.

  • The remote comes with a headphone jack on the side for users to plug in their headphones that enable ‘Private listening’. You can also control the volume with the ‘Up/Down’ buttons on the other side. The remote is also a ‘Point Anywhere’ remote, which means you can point the remote anywhere and the player will still receive the signal even if it is hidden.

  • Other than the above, the box also comes with batteries for the remote, a charging cable and a set of headphones.

Complete the Roku account setup with a few easy steps:


  • Insert the HDMI cable (which you have to procure separately) into the HDMI port of the TV and the other end of the cable to the player

  • The ‘Input’ button on your TV’s remote will let you navigate and choose the HDMI on your TV

  • Then insert the AC adapter into the Roku player so that you can switch it on

  • Once you load the batteries into the remote, it will start flashing a light to pair it along with the device

  • The player will pair with the remote automatically

  • Once paired select the language

  • Connect to your network by choosing the name of your wireless from the list displayed on the TV

  • If there are any software updates required, the Roku player will install it automatically

  • Another additional feature on the Premiere Plus is the Display Type; select your display type at ‘Set Display Type

  • Press ‘Ok’ for the Roku to determine the best resolution

  • Select ‘Yes, screen looks good’ button

  • In the next screen, you can convert the resolution by clicking on ‘Change 4K UHD TV’

  • Once set, the Roku code setup activation screen will appear with a code

  • Enter the code that is displayed on the TV screen into, from where you can create an account. For more details call us +1-800-730-2538 or chat with our live assistant at

For more details call our toll-free number +1-800-730-2538 or visit us at