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Roku 3 Spotify

Check with us for more updates on the Roku 3 Spotify. Besides, our online agents are available for your guidance and assistance. For the music lovers, try the Spotify. Moreover, it has such great music options and also the best place for having a free music explosion! This award-winning music streaming service is something that you should not miss.


  • The Spotify channel is available currently for streaming in US, UK and Ireland.
  • Touted as the best place for music streaming, widely known for its high-quality music.
  • Experience high-quality audio offered up to 320 Kbps for users.
  • This Spotify channel can be used for searching the best tracks, latest artists and the latest albums of your favorite genres
  • This channel has a great search feed feature.
  • This lets you browse and find new album releases and top tracks for your region

There are ad-free versions to be enjoyed in Roku 3 Spotify with subscription

  • There is a bit of customization available for users in order to browse and play their tracks.
  • With additional facilities to customize tracks you can rate and star mark favorite tracks.
  • The Spotify channel (Roku.com/link) is a brilliant music platform for people to access content which is shared among friends in the Spotify inbox.
  • Experience amazingly brilliant music from your living room, which includes the latest new releases, top tracks, and albums.
  • The channel however has a vast collection of 6 million videos, music and casual games.
  • If you want to experience the Spotify premium membership, try a free 30-day trial period.

How to resolve Sound issues

  • Follow the steps if you can connect to the television screen but are not receiving any output.
  • On the task bar on your computer, select the speaker icon
  • From the available options choose PLAYBACK DEVICES option
  • A popup screen will open you will see a list of audio output devices connected to your computer
  • Choose the DIGITAL DEVICES option
  • You will be able to see this option only if the connection between the Roku 3 and the computer is successful
  • If you do not see this option, then troubleshoot the wired connection between the Roku 3 and the computer
  • Set the DIGITAL DEVICES option as the default setting and then select the OK button on the screen
  • Now, the audio output of the computer is available on the Roku’s speakers

If your Roku 3 Spotify requires troubleshooting, you can visit us at www.go-roku.com for updates and help. For more information on Roku products, our tech experts shall guide you instantly.

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