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Roku 3 Features

The Roku 3 features some of the latest functionalities enhancing its user-friendliness and ease of navigation. Moreover the device enhances customer satisfaction and loyalty. Therefore it is one of the most popular streaming devices available in the market today.

Find some of the best features of the ROKU 3 below:


  • The device comes with the Enhanced Roku remote and some popular apps like Netflix, Amazon, and Prime video, YouTube and Google Play. Besides, you can search your content from any location using the remote and these apps.
  • However you must ensure that you have an active Internet connection before you start streaming the favorite applications
  • The innovative Features available with the Roku device had grabbed the attention of most of the users today. Not to mention the Wi-Fi motion sensor available with your Roku 3 device helps you to play your favorite games.
  • One of the most convenient Roku 3 features is its Powerful headphone jack. You can plug it in like your earphones to listen to your favorite music and videos privately
  • The Micro SD card available with the device has excellent internal storage capacity and it is possible to play your videos with the help of the USB port available

Other technical features

  • The processor used with the Roku 3 has excellent speed and therefore gives you great output.
  • To set up your Roku 3, a Roku account activated with the help of an activation code is essential. You can follow the onscreen instructions provided on our website for creating a Roku account.
  • Provide your credit card or the PayPal information for adding your favorite channels on the Roku 3 streaming device
  • Direct app to buttons is available for Netflix, YouTube, and Google Play store
  • Roku 3, streaming device generates a five digit Roku activation code (Roku.com/link) which you can enter during the device activation process. Make sure you are entering the correct code

Other device features include Ethernet, USB, Micro SD card slot, Dual-band Wi-Fi, Excellent headphone socket, the audio-video port, 3.5mm audio Jack, Motion sensor, supports the Digital stereo options, Dolby Digital Plus surround, 720 p/ 1080 p video output a few more.

Roku 3 no doubt is the best streaming device available in US market today.

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