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Roku 2 Xd Remote Codes

Use the Roku 2 Xd remote codes to control your TV, DVD player and your Roku streaming box. Such universal remote can perfectly handle all your three devices in one go! Keep reading this blog further to understand how this can be configured.

Configuration steps

  • Every Roku streaming player is great and simple device, which comes with a decent remote. In case, you have lost it, you could opt for the universal remote.
  • If you own a Roku premier, try the RCA RCR323BR 3-Device Universal Remote (Roku.com/link).
  • Being priced at just only $12, you can’t find a cheaper bargain for the remote than purchasing the original remote control from Roku.
  • The Roku 2 Xd remote codes are a blessing in disguise for users. If you find the 3-device remote not suiting you, you may try the Sony RM-VZ220 remote.This is known to support up to 7 devices and works pretty efficiently with the Roku devices as well.
  • There might be few remote button mismatches with the earlier version on the “back” and “up” button, but the newer models have been upgraded with the menu pads that requires pressing that button.
  • You can also try getting third-party Roku remote which works out to be pretty cheap.
  • It works fine with the Roku 1, 2, and 3 players and also looks quite similar to the old Roku remote.

Some of the menu codes which you want to know about the Roku universal 2XD remote are listed below:

  • HD1100: NEC2 190.239 (forgetting the Cable 2371)
  • HD 1000: NEC1 111 (the Audio 1828 can be modified to work)
  • LT, XDS, 2XS: NEC1 234.194 for getting the corresponding setup code).

You may probably need to check if your 2 XD uses the NEC 234.194. If you want to actually learn the codes from a remote control which is not supplied with your box, you should try to find a remote from one of the newer models.

What is the use of these codes?

With such codes, you can perform many actions using your remote. For instance, you can simultaneously control multiple devices at the same time. Such as your Roku streaming player, a DVD player and also your TV. Having these tips in mind, it is, however, time to accustom yourself to these remote codes.

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