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How To Remove Roku Channels

Always remove Roku channels, to keep the device from being overloaded with too many channels, which in turns leads to better streaming.

The Roku device has a limited storage facility; hence it would be prudent to only store the channels which you view regularly. If you find the Roku box lagging, it might be due to space issues.

There are several ways through which you can remove Roku channels:

Using the Instant Replay Remote

  • Use the Roku remote and navigate to the channel you want to uninstall.
  • Select the chosen channel to highlight
  • Press the * symbol for the Options menu
  • From the menu, now choose the Remove Channel
  • Confirm your action, for deleting the channel.
  • After the confirmation the channel will automatically disappear from your streaming device.

This confirmation message is to ensure that the channel will be deleted and that it has to be installed again for streaming, similar to the mobile apps we use from Play Store or apple store.

If the channel is free, you can delete it easily. If it is a subscription, then remember to cancel the subscription first  and then you can proceed to remove the channel.

This is how you cancel a paid subscription Roku channel

  • Sign in with your Roku user id and password
  • The Manage Your Account section has an option for Subscriptions.
  • Choose the Manage Your Subscriptions”
  • Choose the channel you want to cancel
  • Tick the Cancel Subscription option.

Remove Roku channels via Other Roku Remotes

  • Select the Channel Store icon from the Roku home screen
  • Choose the Up/Down arrows on your remote for going to the channel category
  • Choose the Left/Right button on your remote, for highlighting the channel which you want to remove.
  • Select “Remove Channel” option and confirm the action for the Roku channel that you want to delete.

If you have purchased a new Roku box, and once the Roku device is activated (Roku.com/link) with the user id and login, the channels shall automatically be synced to the new Roku box.
Always remember to remove Roku channels which you do not stream regularly, to save yourself from lags in the streaming performance.

For more details or troubleshooting tips, speak to our agents in the visit us at go-roku.com

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