Play itunes Music on Roku

How do I Play iTunes Music Roku player?

Roku’s freshly updated software adds support for video streaming. Here’s how to play iTunes music Roku from your iPhone or iPad to the big screen.

Typically the Roku app now allows you stream videos from your phone in addition to iTunes music Roku.

The Roku iPhone app now lets you stream videos from your phone in addition to music and photos.

About a year ago, Roku stole a little Apple TV thunder with the addition of “Play on Roku” functions to its iOS application, rendering it possible for users to stream music and photos from their mobile devices to their Televisions via attached Roku containers.

Play on Roku ( was updated recently, to include support for videos. That brings Roku boxes one step closer to coordinating Apple TV functionality, at least for iDevice users. The Android version of Play on Roku still limits you to music and photos, at the very least for the moment.

Let’s check out how to use this feature so you can start enjoying your phone- and tablet-stored media on the big screen.

When you haven’t already succeeded in doing so, install the Roku iPhone app on your iPhone, Apple iPad, or iPod Touch. (If it was installed previously, make sure you check the App-store application to see if there have been any updates. )

Run the app, indication into your Roku account, and get attached to your box. If you have more than one, choose the one that’s attached to the TV you want to use, clearly.

In the toolbar at the bottom of the Roku app, tap Play On Roku.

Now tap what you want to play (Music, Photos, or Video), then choose the exact content. It may take a few seconds for the streaming to start, especially when that is a video.

Plus that’s the process to put it briefly. Just keep in brain when you have multiple Roku boxes, you’ll need to be sure to hold the right one selected within the iPhone app as you move between TVs. Otherwise, you will stand there seeing nothing and wondering why. If you need more information about how to play iTunes music Roku call us at +1-888-269-1011 or visit us at

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