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Trick to play iTunes Music Roku without app

Roku has a habit of updating its software every now and then. And this happens without interrupting your streaming experience. Therefore, you get the best output at any given point in time. To better your Roku experience, you can now stream content from your iPhone or iPad to the big screen. Here’s how to play iTunes music Roku in a few simple steps.

Things you can do with this feature

There are several things you can do iTunes on Roku. For example, you can stream audio, video and photos from your Apple devices. You must, however, depend on the “Play on Roku” function in your mobile app to stream such content. Download the iOS application from your provider and happily enjoy streaming your favorite content.

Previous versions of the software will not be able to stream videos. Therefore, we suggest that you install the old version and download the latest application from the Apple store (Roku.com/Link). This brings Apple users one step closer to the world of Roku. And surprisingly, the Android version of the Roku app still does not allow users to cast videos to the big screen.

Actual steps to install and enjoy the app

  • It is common knowledge that you must download the app before you begin the installation process.
  • The app is available free of cost for all users irrespective of whether you own a Roku or not from the app store.
  • So install it in any of your Apple devices such as iPhone or iPad and navigate from thereon.
  • Enter your Roku account information and consequently control your streaming player using your mobile.
  • In case you have numerous accounts, choose one that is linked to your current Roku.
  • For new users, you should first create a new account, complete device activation and then come to this process.
  • Search for and find the Play on Roku feature in the bottom part of your application’s homepage.
  • And then you can select anything media of your choice present in your mobile device.
  • But then you must be a little patient as the video streaming process will take a few minutes.

Basically, these are the steps for you to stream content from your Apple device. Luckily you do not require additional hardware to transfer content from one device to the other.

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