The New Roku Apps

The  New Roku Apps

The Roku platform is yet again launching new roku apps for its users making it one of the leading streaming content providers in the industry. A localized French language app, Hopster, launched in France is also available in USA, Canada, Ireland and UK. Roku TVs in USA and Canada can also stream Hopster. Free to download from the Roku channel store, it also offers a complimentary trial for about a week. Hopster broadcasts shows such as Teletubbies, Reading Rainbow, Super Why and Peppa Pig.


new roku apps

Commenting on Roku and its offerings of new roku apps, Nick Walters, CEO of Hopster enthused that the device had enraptured the streaming media world by storm with its fantastic quality and affordability. With an aim to provide kids with free, safe and reliable streaming content, he mentioned that he was only glad that he could launch Hopster on a dependable platform like Roku. Hopster aspires to reach out to millions of families through Roku. The CEO further stated that parents can be assured of impeccable content from the channel that children can watch and learn from (Enter Activation Code Roku).

The Vice President (Acquisition) Ed Lee of Roku also stated that Hopster offered a variety of streaming entertainment for kids and that it was a great addition to Roku. The channel features Caillou, Bob the Builder and even classic nursery rhymes for toddlers. He guaranteed that the channel would broadcast kid-friendly content that would be approved by the parents.


Roku with new roku apps is also simultaneously launching Starz, which is an online video service. Starz was launched last year in April and is compatible with the Android iOS and Apple TV. The cable network also launched its own streaming service in the same month following HBO and Showtime, with a fee attached to it and providing access to popular shows such as the Girlfriend Experience, Outlander and the American Gods. The shows were sold with or without a subscription. Finally, Starz decided to reward their Pay TV subscribers by aligning their independent streaming services closely with online services. Now, Pay TV consumers can also obtain Starz as part of their entertainment package. They can get access to all network content through the Starz app on the Roku.

Join the revolution and access Hopster and Starz on your streaming Roku with its new roku apps.

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