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Get the Latest Roku os Update for Your Device

The latest Roku os update version 8 has been released by Roku. It is mandatory to update the software and the firmware to get the best out of your device.
The OS 8 presents with some great features such as:

Updated Voice control

  • Make use of the voice control feature to shuffle between various input sources and to search for free local channels
  • Update the natural language understanding feature to make movie searches easier
  • Use a conversational tone to search for content with the updated voice control
  • The Roku mobile app can be used instead of the advanced remote for voice commands
  • The mobile app is available in the Apple store and the Google play store for download
  • Right now the enhanced voice control features are available only for US residents

Smart Guide

  • The Smart Guide feature is available only for Roku TVs and not for other Roku devices
  • You can access the detailed e-program guide if you are using an HDTV antenna
  • Access information for fourteen future days and seven past days with this feature
  • Taking into consideration your most viewed channels, the feature will sort channels automatically
  • Make use of the MORE WAYS TO WATCH feature for additional viewing options on the Roku os update (Roku.com/link)
  • Know in advance the Roku premiere date for an upcoming movie or TV show
  • This feature is however compatible with your Roku TV only if it has an HDTV antenna connected to it
  • Right now this feature is available only for US residents

Updated 4K channels

  • There is an update on spotlight channels for better visibility
  • Choose between 4K videos, HDR videos and Dolby Vision videos for streaming on your Roku device
  • For every search, it displays all channels with relevant content.
  • This feature is applicable only to the Roku devices which supports 4K
  • Right now the feature is available for US, Canadian and Mexican residents

Fast TV start

  • Make use of this feature to wake up your TV from a standby mode
  • With this feature, the TV will boot at a faster pace
  • The latest Roku TVs will support this feature
  • This feature is not applicable to other Roku devices
  • The Fast TV start feature, however, consumes more power than the normal mode

TV Everywhere

  • Use a single sign-on to log into most TVE channels that are a part of the Roku channel store
  • Eliminates the necessity to log in multiple times for each channel
  • Currently, there are around 30 TVE streaming channels

The new Roku os update also has many bug fixes that have been facilitated to help users overcome issues that had persisted in the past. visit us at www.go-roku.com

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