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The Latest Roku OS 8 for Roku – Roku.com/link

Roku OS 8

Roku OS 8 has some of the latest features like the smart guide, electronic program guide and is compatible with the latest Roku TV models. You will be provided with the information on the availability of the latest movies and the TV shows with Roku OS 8.

Features of the Roku OS 8.0 are as follows:

Enhanced voice capability features, the availability of the 4K channel have grabbed the attention of most of the users today. Software update for all the Roku devices has been performed and had resulted in improved and fast streaming results.

Voice Features

Exciting new voice features introduced had grabbed the attention of most of the users today. The voice control features make the task of controlling your TV easier. You can use the voice remote or the new Roku mobile app and speak the commands such as tune to NBC, switch to HDMI and a few more

Smart guide Feature of the Roku OS 8

  • The smart guide feature available with the Roku OS 8 ( com/link ) has the ways to watch feature with additional view options. Ways to watch prompt will be displayed on your TV screen and you can watch the latest movies and TV shows that are available. The latest and the on-demand shows will be visible.
  • Also, you can also find contents which you can be stream.
  • You should connect the HDTV antennae, to your Roku TV.
  • This is essential to access the Smart guide Feature.
  • It arrives with the latest Roku operating system.
  • User-friendly remote which comes along with the devices.
  • The remote comes with updated software.
  • It has the best options to navigate and choose the required channels
  • Start streaming your favorite movies and TV shows with the latest Roku OS 8 and ensure that you have an active Internet connection before streaming


Check your Network and the Internet Connection settings for resolving the issues like Low Internet speed. To check the wireless network connections, you can go to SETTINGS > NETWORK > WIRELESS NETWORK CONNECTION.The amazing visual design of the new software version looks more attractive 4K spotlight channel to stream your contents in HDR

The latest software update comes with the new 4K spotlight channel.  You can stream the contents in 4K, HDR and Dolby vision

Visit our official Roku website to know more about the Latest features of Roku OS 8 . For further information,  visit us at www.go-roku.com and our network support team can assist you further.

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