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Roku Features along with its Tips & Tricks

Roku Features Tips Tricks

Improve your streaming experience with latest Roku Features Tips Tricks. Adjust the streaming channels, use the mobile app as a remote control, experiment with the voice search option, add a screensaver, initiate private listening and a lot more. Get the most of your Roku streaming player with these features and some of the best tips and tricks in 2018.


If you are already a Roku user, then you must be familiar with some of its features already. You also know that you can get unlimited streaming contents as the device lets you access over 50,000 services available across the globe. Get into the Channel Store to see the various categories of apps and channels. Furthermore, you can improve your viewing experience with the help of these tips and tricks.

Roku Features Tips Tricks features

Changing channel locations

You can adjust the location of your streaming channels from the home screen itself. When you add a channel, Roku automatically displays it on your home screen. However, if you wish to change this:

  • From the home screen go to the ‘My Channels’ section
  • Then select a channel and click on the ‘*’ button available on your Roku remote
  • Here, choose the ‘Move Channel’ option to make it reflect elsewhere

Adding themes to your home screen

As you put your TV on, you will see Roku’s purple screen. If you are bored of seeing this all the time and want to change the theme:

  • Go to the ‘Main Menu’ and select ‘Settings
  • Find the ‘Theme’ option and from here choose the theme that you like
  • Click on it and apply it to your device

Make the Roku mobile app your remote

You can now use your Smartphone as a remote for your Roku player. Go to the Google App Play Store to download it for Android devices. Once downloaded and installed, you will see that the interface and buttons are rather similar to the physical remote. Control the device directly from your Smartphone.

A screensaver on your TV

Visit the ‘Settings’ menu on your player to select the appropriate screensaver if you wish to change the existing one.

Perform a voice search without using the player’s remote

Users are aware that they can use the voice search feature with the help of Roku’s remote. You just have to press the ‘Voice Search’ button and speak into it. The most amazing thing is, you can do this even without the remote! To find data on the player, the remote uses a MIC. So, get the mobile app to do the same for you. You can use the Voice Search feature on your Smartphone.

Instant replay

If you have skipped any content from the latest Roku channel, while watching a movie or TV Show, then you can actually replay that part.

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