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Your Roku is streaming the first season of the most watched show in American show biz “I’m Sorry”. This season of Andrea Savage’s Im sorry season 1 Roku is essentially a standalone series. It is plot-driven and hinges more on characterization. You might find some warm chuckles as you breeze through this series. It’s funny. It’s warm. And you find this sitcom to have a formula of its own! If you have not yet activated you Roku then reach out us for activating your Roku.com/link code.

IM SORRY Season 1 Roku streams on trutv.com and Amazon. You can also catch I’M SORRY Season 1 on your Roku player. This is a fun autobiographical comedy, starring Andrea Savage and also created by her. Catch all the fun moments when Andrea and her husband Mike try to raise their 5-year-old daughter Amelia.

Cast and more:

The supporting cast is great and there is definitely an exceptional ensemble of a crew cast! The show doesn’t go too far and the characters perfectly etch in a somewhat robust way. There is some definitely stunning representations that seem to fit into the right place, even letting the audience figure out few lines, which is quite a rarity today! The dialogues can give some real punches in face, as they are quite frank in the many little things and ways of life. Some may even find it abrupt!

Many find Savage to be quite sincerely funny and in good spirit. There is great characterization along with smart production, all of which is worth a praise.

The second season may see Andrea Savage a little relentless and past the punch line! You find all the episodes of IM SORRY Season 1 to have a common rhythm, but yet the momentum never seems to be amiss.  Tune into this grey sitcom this month on your Roku!

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