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How to Watch TCM Channel on Roku

TCM Channel Activation on Roku

If you are a movie buff, then TCM channel is a must to watch the classic movies on Roku. All you need is a pay-TV login to grab the channel’s access. TCM weekly schedule will have handpicked movies that are bliss to watch. As the catchphrase says “Let’s Movie”, you can obtain some of the best movies of all time in high definition.

TCM channel is an American TV network owned by Turner Broadcasting System which is a subordinate of AT & T. Previously, the movies were televised in the channel from big banners like Warner Bros. and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.Apart from the United States, the channel is available to stream in many countries such as Canada, Ireland, Latin America, Greece, Spain, the Middle East, Asia-Pacific, Africa, the Nordic Countries, Cyprus, France, Malta, United Kingdom, and Canada.

How to watch TCM Channel on Roku?

This Channel is available with cable subscription in the United States and finds out other ways to acquire this Roku channel. Streaming media like Sling TV and PlayStation Vue will help you to stream the channel without any issues.

TCM Channel Activation on Roku

  • All you have to do is to navigate to the Roku channel store
  • Find TCM channel which will be available under the “Movies & TV” category.
  • Open the channel right after the installation and find the channel activation code.
  • Navigate to the official TCM website and enter the code to advance with the channel activation procedure.
  • Furnish your TV provider’s account details to login and confirm the channel activation.

Features on TCM Channel

  • TCM Schedule is classified into two East and West coach providing different movie line-ups to stream at any time.
  • TCM Movies On-demand will certainly come to your rescue in the weekends and watch curated movies without any cuts for free.
  • Stream some of the great movies available in the TCM channel’s big movie repository.
  • You will certainly like to know about the movie before you watch it and TCM channel understands it very clearly. For each and every movie in the channel library, you will get to view in-depth details about the cast, crew, image galleries, movie summary and more.

Classic movies on TCM Channel

Find out some of the evergreen movies which you can exclusively watch in TCM channel.

  • Mad Miss Manton
  • Great Library Misery
  • Libeled Lady
  • Romance of Digestion
  • Bringing Up Baby
  • His Girl Friday
  • You can’t take it with you
  • Awful Truth
  • Twentieth Century
  • It happened in Flatbush
  • Turnabout
  • One Million B.C
  • Topper Returns

Wanted to know about the movies that are streaming on a daily basis? Just visit the tcm.com/schedule where you will find information about each and every movie that will premiere based on the TCM schedule.

TCM App for Smart TV

You can stream from any place by installing the Watch TCM app. Totally, it is a TV Everywhere service which gives access to watch on-demand movies and live broadcast. Visit the online website TCM.com/watch.

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