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How To Watch ITV Hub On Roku – ITV HUB Live

ITV Hub on Roku

 ITV is free to air television whose base of operations is in England. They are the oldest private commercial television channel operating in the United Kingdom. ITV Hub On Roku reaches close to a million people in the United Kingdom.

And, it’s free!

ITV Hub is the on-demand and the free to watch option to watch all the programs that are available under ITV online and stream it through your Roku streaming device. However, there is also a pay to watch option – the ITV hub plus. You can get this service for $5.22. All the ads from the ITV hub removal will also be done. The ITV hub app on your mobile device will allow you to continue watching from where you last left off.

Why Should You Get ITV Hub

  1. ITV hub live carries free TV news channels. This means that you will can watch your local newscast for free on your ITV hub Roku streaming device.
  2. Since ITV is composed of a number of participating channel, you will be able to watch original shows from different production houses.
  3. You can watch football matches from the FA cup on your ITV hub, including telecast of the UEFA champions league. You will also be able to watch the Chennai Super Kings win all their matches in the Indian Premier League through your ITV hub channel.

How to Watch ITV Hub On Roku

The ITV hub channel is, however, only available for people who are living in the United Kingdom. Therefore, it is imperative that you should either have a Roku account based in the United Kingdom. Use United Kingdom as the server on your VPN network to ITV hub.

How Should you Use a VPN to Get ITV Hub

  • To use a VPN to watch ITV Hub on your Roku device you should first get a VPN service, you should only get a VPN that you pay for and you should avoid free VPN’s like the plague.
  • Once you have the VPN you should then install it on your router or set up a virtual network on your PC that you will then connect to your router.
  • This process to get a VPN virtual network will only take a few minutes and once it is done, you will be able to watch IT HUB channel on your Roku streaming device.

Follow these Steps to Get ITV Hub from Roku Store

  • To get the ITV hub channel, all you will have to do is search for the channel from the Roku store and download it.
  • You will see a prompt after logging in to the ITV Hub channel for the first time.
  • Wherein, you will have to enter the pin code of your location.
  • Ensure that the location is in the United Kingdom.

How to Fix a Common Issue With ITV Hub Not Working

If, even after following these steps if your ITV hub channel doesn’t work, then you should do a hard reboot of your Roku streaming device and initiate a factory reset. You should then remove your Roku device that you are currently using your ITV Hub from your Roku account and set up another account at the website ‘roku.co.uk’. After this step, you should restart the procedure from the starting. And you will be able to watch all the shows on ITV hub on your Roku streaming device.

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