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How to Get Internet Browser on Roku

Know how to get internet browser on Roku because when they are relaxing and enjoying their favourite programs, most users do not want to move away from the screen to look up the internet. Now with a few steps, you can surf the web right from where you are.

The primary solution is screen mirroring for which you need another device that has a similar option.Connect it to your network and cast your laptop or mobile screen to your Roku device.


  • To use screen mirroring you should connect both your Roku streaming device and your mobile to the same wireless network.
  • Screen mirroring will not be supported by Apple or IOS devices.
  • It will not be supported on Google devices which run on OS 6.0 or later (Roku com link).
  • The Apple and IOS devices will use PlayOnRoku to screen videos and photos using the Roku mobile app.
  • The Roku mobile App is an application for both Android and IOS devices.

Accessing screen mirroring:

To complete how to get internet browser on Roku, you have to gain access to screen mirroring:

  • If your Roku device is running on Roku OS 7.6 or older version, then you should enable Screen mirroring on your Roku streaming device manually.
  • Update the software or to know about the software details by visiting on Settings-> System->about to get the details about the software version.
  • If the OS is Roku OS 7.7 and is supporting screen mirroring this feature will be enabled automatically and you need not activate it manually. For the current generation Roku devices the upgrade to the Roku OS7.7 is available from august.
  • If your Roku device is running on Roku OS 7.6 and has the screen mirroring option then the features have to be enabled by doing the following steps.
    • On your Roku remote click on the home
    • Go to settings and then choose system.
    • Choose the screen-mirroring option and click on enable

How to get internet browser on Roku – Screen mirroring from Android devices:

  • Many android devices use different names to mention the screen mirroring feature.
  • Below are some common terms used to mention screen mirroring
    • Smart Views.
    • Quick Connect.
    • SmartShare
    • AllShare Cast.
    • HTC connect.
    • Screen Casting
  • For windows 8.1 do the following to allow or block screen mirroring requests.
  • If there is a screen mirroring option request is displayed on your Roku TV always accept the request.
  • Choose always accept to allows content from your mobile device to be cast to your Roku TV without asking you every time to accept.
  • When you choose always ignore will block the attempts from your mobile device and will not display an on-screen prompt in future.

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