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How To Add Pandora.com/Roku – Pandora TV

Activate Pandora.com/Roku

Activate Pandora.com/Roku and stream amazing and unlimited songs. Many people think Roku is only meant for streaming movies, TV shows and sports. But this is not the case. You can utilize the Pandora on Roku channel for streaming your favorite songs of your favorite artists from variable genres, albums and titles.

Setup Pandora on Roku

Activate Pandora.com/Roku successfully by executing the following steps accurately.

  • Initiate the Pandora activation by linking your Roku account with the Roku streaming player.
  • Thereafter, you can login to the Roku account and hunt the Pandora channel in the Roku home page.
  • Get hold of the Pandora channel registration code by signing in to your Pandora account and input the channel activation code to pandora.com/Roku and activate the channel.
  • After stimulating the Pandora channel effectively, stream your much loved songs with friends and family.

Pandora Plans and Packages

Choose any of the following Pandora plans and execute www.pandora.com/Roku effectively.

  • Pandora Free – Generate a playlist library of your preferred albums and songs with the help of Pandora free subscription. It also offers high quality assistance to the users by providing valuable response.
  • Pandora Plus – The Pandora Plus subscription allows to stream music without any advertisements and also allow you to replay the track. It features offline radio station with superior audio quality. All you have to do is pay a subscription charge of 4.99 dollars in a month and you are all done.
  • Pandora Premium – Pay 9.99 dollars in a month and get access to Pandora Premium along with Pandora Plus. You can obtain on demand songs and also create your personalized playlist.
  • Pandora Premium Family – You can create six individual Pandora accounts with Pandora Premium Family by paying 14.99 dollars in a month.

Pandora with DirecTV

You can take help of the DirecTV service provider and activate Pandora.com/directv on Roku. With the help of the DirecTV account on Roku, you can have the complete access of the Pandora channel to stream your preferred bands and musicians. However, do contact the DirecTV customer service if you fail to login to your DirecTV account.

Pandora Version 3.0

Check the following characteristics of the Pandora version 3.0.

  • The Pandora version 3.0 allows you to scroll to your preferred Pandora stations easily.
  • Moreover, you can create almost five com/Roku account and switch the accounts within each other.
  • While streaming the songs, the Pandora channel will display the track, album and the artists on the TV screen.
  • In addition, you can also exhibit the album art on the search result screen.

Pandora App on Mobile

Activate the Pandora TV app on your mobile and stream limitless songs on the grip of your hand. Download the application from the Google Play Store or the App Store depending on your mobile software version. You can create your own stations and sort the stations according to your preference. Additionally, the users who have the Pandora Plus subscription can edit and shuffle the stations.

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