• Activate Kodi Roku OS 8

How to Activate Kodi Roku OS 8

Steps to Install Kodi on Roku

Kodi is not officially available on the Roku platform. Therefore, to install it on your Roku, get the latest OS update.So, Activate Kodi Roku OS 8?For this process make use of the following devices:

    1. Roku media player (any model)
    2. Your television set
  1. Mobile phone (Android or Windows)
  2. Internet connection

Kodi is a free source and is available free of cost throughout the year. Stream your favorite content from most popular channels. However, one must mind the ads that are sure to interrupt your streaming experience.

Activate Kodi Roku OS 8 – Setting up Kodi for your streaming player

The technique suggested herein is the most basic.Our website suggests screen mirroring to successfully watch Kodi on your Roku-connected TV. For assistance in using the screen mirroring feature in the Roku OS 8, make use of the following steps.

  1. Connecting the Android or Windows smartphone to your Roku device using a Wi-Fi
  2. Download the Kodi app in your smartphone
  3. In your Roku media player and your smartphone, you should enable screen mirroring
  4. Play from your phone or use your Roku remote to navigate for further options

Wired or wireless connection for Activate Kodi Roku OS 8?

Is it necessary to have a wireless network to stream Kodi on a Roku device? The screen mirroring cannot be accomplished for Kodi via a wired connection. First, download and install the Kodi app from the app store of your respective mobile device.This is a free application and you do not have to make any in-app purchases too. Switch on screen mirroring on both your smartphone and your media player. Look into your mobile device’s setup guide to gain insight into this process.

Once all these connections have been established, it is time for you to start streaming Kodi on your television screens without any hurdles. For any more information on this topic or for Roku activation, kindly reach us on our toll-free number.

Another Technique

Did you know that you can get Activate Kodi Roku OS 8 via a Windows laptop? Make use of a Windows 10 laptop and stream Kodi with the following steps:

  • Download and install the Kodi application on your Windows 10 laptop.
  • Open the SETTINGS menu on your laptop – available in the START menu.
  • Navigate to the CONNECTED DEVICES menu which is found under the DEVICES option.
  • Select ADD A DEVICE option from the top which will eventually search for your Roku streaming player.
  • Enable screen mirroring on Roku and find your laptop screen replicated on your TV screen.
  • Launch the Kodi app on your laptop and start streaming latest movies or TV shows on your TV.

Thus, you now have knowledge on how to stream Kodi with the help of a mobile device and a Windows laptop.  You can also visit us at www.go-roku.com


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