• how do I link my Roku player to my account

How do I link my Roku Player to my Account – Roku Code Activation

Process steps to link my Roku Player to my Account

How do I link my Roku player to my account? It is easy to link your Roku device to your account in a few simple steps. In this blog learn to create a Roku account and link all the devices to the account one by one and set your preferences. For the kids you can however create a separate account and manage channels accordingly.

After account creation, how do I link my Roku player to my account?

  • Use the Roku’ s SIGN UP page to create an account before you begin the process
  • Enter your personal details such as your first and last name, a valid email address and a strong password to protect your account
  • On the second page, enter a PIN to secure purchases made through your account
  • Set the PIN preferences for your account
  • On the last page, enter your payment related information (credit card info or a PayPal account info)
  • After setting this up, to complete the account creation process:
    • At the LOGIN page, check if your account is created successfully
  • Enter credentials such as your email address and password
  • If the LOGIN is successful, then your account is created
  • Else, Repeat the steps from the beginning

How do I link my Roku player to my account for a single device?

Link your streaming media player to your account using the following steps:

  • Log into your Roku account first (Roku code Activation)
  • On the homepage of your account, go to the LINK A DEVICE menu
  • Enter the activation code in the respective text box and SUBMIT your option
  • To get an activation code, switch on your TV and your Roku device simultaneously
  • The device will take a few minutes to connect to the Roku server
  • An alphanumeric code is displayed on your TV screen after server connection
  • This is called the activation code and it is an essential component in linking your device to your account
  • Only after being linked to an account, your Roku player gets activated

After completing the process, you can add any number of channels to your account. Also, there are several private channels that you can add to your account. Besides, you can repeat the steps in case you want to add more than one device to your account. Visit our website at www.go-roku.com

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